Thyrian expedition - the best possible card (Which should be nerfed)

Hello, everyone
Hope everyone is having a great time playing with the new cards. I know i am.
The mechanics that were introduced this patch are all very interesting, and i have been having a blast… for the most part.
I think the devs have done a grea job with prebalancing the new cards… with just a few exeptions. Namely with “Seek Shelter” and “Thyrian expedition”. Those are (imo) the most powerfull cards in this expansion and in the entire game.
The ability to potentialy draw the best possible card you need IN THIS MOMENT to win the game (that isnt neceseraly even in your deck) is cerainly the strongest effect you could have in a card, and you shouldnt even think twice about adding these cards to your deck.
Personaly while i think that Seek Shelter is a little bit overpowered,the fact that its limited to taunt minions is kind of a couner balance, and i will not deny that its value is greatly needed for slow decks to survive against RUSH.
The far greater offender i beleave is Thyrian expedition. Not only does it not have the limitations of TAUNT like seek shelter, but it has a 0F cost And makes the card WILD. Whats more it discounts the discovered card for 1F.
Leaving the obvious synergywith cards like Aurora’s Diciple and the like, just playing ONE of this card can turn a game from a loss to a win.
I beleave the mana cost should be increased from 0F to 1F (just like seek shelter) and the discount 1F possibly removed.

Thanks for reading and please excuse any typos.
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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I find Seek Shelter to be the stronger card, but I can’t say I like it. It slows the pace of the game terribly, and my understanding is that Faeria has a small fanbase because most people do not have the patience for it. I love the game, but Seek Shelter makes it a chore.

I have seen Thyrian Expedition used, but not really to great effect. I don’t recall ever having a game turn because of it. I don’t see the absence of “taunt” or any other mechanism as necessarily beneficial. A larger card selection means a less reliable draw. I haven’t really given it enough time in an offensive capacity, so I may be mistaken.

I somewhat agree (thyrian expedition, seek shelter and crystal spice), I would almost always put them into a deck if I was using their color. I always take them if they’re on offer in Pandora.

But I find the excessive randomness about as annoying as the OP-ness. Too many games of mine are almost decided by whether I get offered the right card during discover. That also goes for treasure map discover.