Tierlist (Fall of Everlife)

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  • I’m not sure if i like the idea of posting exact full decklist of decks.
    But i know Faeria community and players are smart (exept you Esof monkaS) so i let you guys adapt decklists with your mindset.

  • Also, in Faeria, something i always enjoy is the power of “skill”, i mean by that if you win, it is not because of the decklist but because of your plays ! So it’s really, really hard to rate “power” of decks & archetypes.

  • If you understand what i mean here, you realize this TierList is more “My Tierlist” than a “Real TierList”. Feels Free to comment with your own point of vue about your tierlist, i’m really curious to see that.

Tier List :

(clic on archetype to see decklist)

Free to play mean you can play the deck even if you don’t have Fall of Everlife cards. (I notice number of cards you have to change.)

Tier 1 - Top Decks to Win

Tier 2 - Top Decks to Practice

Tier 3 - Top Decks to Have Fun

  • There is off course a looooooot of other decks, don’t focus on this list when you think about the game.
  • I’m gonna add decks since the next expension, so keep your eyes open on this.



Excellent guide, Mino - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Love to see a great guide, Mino. <3

Nice guide Mino! I noticed you don’t have BR Gemshell anywhere on your lists. There are variants that favor blue or red. Right now I’m doing pretty well on ladder with a BR 7s list. I’m thinking deffinitely tier 2.

The Angry Red is a rush deck, right?