Timer is too long

Timer is too long ad if you use too much time that should be puniched.
the maches are realy to long.

How long are your matches typically? I’m finding games are between 7 to 15 minutes most times, what time frame are you looking at and what are you experiencing typically?

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timer is fine, some turns really require to take those 90s length, but sure the 2 or 3 first turns could be shorten.


I lightheartedly say: “You must be one of those brainless red/yellow rushers nyaaaah!”

More seriously, I find the 90s timer to be not nearly long enough on some turns. I often find myself making a lot of calculations about whether I can afford to play a land now versus needing to take the extra faeria for a play two turns from now, or struggling to find a safe place on the board for a critical creature in a game where I’m behind. It feels even shorter when halfway through the turn I draw a card and it changes the whole way I want to play things!

I would be in favor of a Chess-style clock that, for example, gave you a total of 10 minutes for the game plus 30 seconds per turn (maybe with a turn limit of 3-4 minutes to prevent bad sports from sitting there for 10 minutes when they’re about to be defeated). However, if the current paradigm of “turn timer only” is to remain, I would like to see it stay the same or even be increased to 120s.


I also would rather have longer turns than shorter ones :slight_smile:
But a timebank would be the best. So the first few turns you can play quickly and “save” time for later where you might need it more!


This game needs even more time per turn imho, because you don’t just think and play the card, but you actually do a lot of moves. You need time to do those things.
I think timebank would be the only possible way to shorten games or at least to let people be a bit less d***ebags.

I feel my time wasted only when the guy is wasting his first turns or when he has no faeria and still he waits 40-50 seconds to do nothing.
But more than that, when people quit after they think they’ve lost the game.

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On that last note, I know a few times I’ve just reflexively alt+f4’d after some crushing Firestorm and I’ve certainly had a bunch of people do the same thing to me, whether accidentally or deliberately, idk. Even if someone realises their mistake, it’s pretty tedious to re-start the game just to concede, when really you want to be going for a walk or maybe taking a cold shower.

I don’t think it’s a huge deal for most players, since it’s a slow game and most of us probably have something else to do while we wait, but it’s not ideal and it’s also probably very frustrating for streamers, with which Faeria is blessed with a multitude.

It would be nice if the game detected quitting the game as distinct from a loss of connection and auto-conceded. I was surprised to learn that even the “exit” button under “surrender” doesn’t concede the game on your way out.

As for having a time bank, what about having it player-initiated? The default could be to have a relaxing, un-timed game (maybe with a longer turn by turn timer), but if one player doesn’t have time for a long game or thinks they’re being griefed, they can start the clock for both players. Some kind of “hurry up!” emote could be an un-intrusive way to do it.

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On that note I have found in the past that sometimes people have really bad internet connections. I’ve had at least three games in recent memory that the first few turns took forever, and with those they would have a spurt and sadly they would time out and I’d “auto-win.” In most cases where this is the case, it isn’t always user abuse more so it is people either new to the game learning the cards and not sure what to do.

I personally would hate to get into the mentality that every person acting in this way is intentional, though a time bank could help alleviate this, or at least to the point where the “bank” works like your “hand” in that if you take up too much time your life total drops each passing of a turn in increasing levels. Though I would like to have this for ranked matches only rather than casual for those who wouldn’t mind the time gap.

Furthermore, leaving early is often better than sticking through it if the game has become unenjoyable, especially when you know the opponent will win and they are just milking it (filling the board with creatures only to pass the turn). Especially in cases where the opponent has the killing blow.