Tiny interface chamges that would make a huge difference

From what I have seen, Faeria’s interface could do with some improving.

For instance, why is the Exit button hidden under Options instead of being separate? It took me several minutes to find it during my first play session… A relatively easy way to remedy the problem would be to simply change the picture on the button from a cog to an open door - similar to the Log Out button on this site. It’s easier to click the Exit button and find that it also contains Options, than the other way around.

Somebody started a topic on Steam, asking people how to change the game’s language, and had to be told it’s on the Login screen… Why not make it part of the Options screen, like it is in most other games?

I couldn’t figure out what “Disenchant all in excess” meant, until I saw someone on YouTube use this feature - “Disenchant excess cards” would have been a lot clearer.

Also, a Russian YouTuber I’ve been watching has advised his viewers to play the game in English, as knowing the English names for the cards makes using various support sites, such as this one, a lot easier. Quite often, my opponent would disconnect just as I’m winning the battle, forcing me to wait for 90 seconds before seeing the victory screen. It could be that they are non-native speakers playing in English, and simply don’t know what “Surrender” means, choosing “Exit” instead. The crossed swords aren’t helping - it should have been something universally recognized. A white flag, or a stickman with both hands up in the air…

I know those improvements would take time. In the meantime, could you Please make an instructional video explaining different interface elements, and post it on here and on Steam? It would make a Lot of difference!