Tip: aquatic creatures on land; land creatures in water

there is a tip in the loading screens that mentions that aquatic creatures on land, land creatures in water, (at the beginning or end of turn, forget which,) …they die.

but there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually accomplish this task, which sounds tactically relevant.

…maybe just transform, I guess.

You can move aquatic creatures onto land I guess, using Flash Wind. Haven’t actually done it before.

Yes, transform aquatic creature on water into something not aquatic, they die.

Transform is the way to go. It’s always fun to Frogify a Khalim and see him drown. -

Or the other way around. A few days ago I had someone get the most crazy Orosei, trading my whole board and finishing the turn with a massive Baeru that I couldn’t deal with, right in the middle of my special lands… we both forgot that it can’t survive on land and I can’t tell you what a nice surprise that was.


Just to clarify. If one of your non-aquatic creatures is put on a water tile it dies at the end of your turn. Right?
So shouldnt you be able to move it somewhere when that happens?

Yep if you can make it move to reach a tile (or create one under it) it’s safe.