Tipps & Tricks how to improve

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  • sequencing , take your time

x think through your turn (start at opponents turn)

x you can’t revert most actions

x draw first, move last

  • know your own deck

x take a look at decklist before you play if you aren’t familiar or keep screenshot

x know what you want in mulligan

x odds to draw the right card

  • know your opponents decks

x knowing what to expect from each color

x know meta decks

x know nuances

  • identify your opponents deck early

x landplacement

x -> know who the aggressor is , check out video rps meta

  • which side to open

x do you have minions or cards to fight?

x if you build to both wells, weak/flying/aquatic creature where no action

  • risk vs rewards decisions

x if behind take bigger risk

x if u have lead play it safe

  • Summon your creatures next to the well

x so you can collect + trade

  • Trade range (keep the initiative)

x don’t move/summon next to your opponent if he can kill

x (shifting tides, flashwind, banquet, green buffs)

  • blocking

x Well blocking, if you can’t avoid trade, deny better position and 1 faeria

x creature blocking to protect

  • step on lands to prevent summoning

x if it’s multicolored lands, focus on one scary color (red -> garudan)

  • be efficient with lands

x not more than landthreshold, draw before you make last land if you don’t have creature to play

x don’t cluster - in mono decks spam neutrals if possible

  • no need to remove a creature that isn’t harvesting

x (unless it can trade)

  • save up faeria

x no need to play more creatures than what you use have to harvest, unless you expect one to die