Too generous?

I never thought I would feel like this for any free to play, but now I’m starting to think this game is too generous for free to play player.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE free stuff. However, let us be realistic here. Anyone got to eat even game developers. If the game become too generous people will have no incentive to pay, while it seem great, in a wrong run a game that doesn’t generate money doesn’t survive very long. Although, I want to spend some money at this game there is so much I could spare. It’s my opinion that this game has become too generous that it might not make enough revenue which means it would soon be gone.


yeah i agree, but at the same time the first few months of a game can decided the future. as long as the game is growing, its good. maybe they can drop the rewards later, but at that point ppl are playing it long enough to stay in it

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The size of the player base (from attracting new players and retaining old players) is as, or more, important than the per player spend. Without a large player-base it is completely unsustainable.

If running the company requires $500,000 per year:
1,000 players @ $500 each - Not going to happen. Growth potential: Can’t get more players or more money per player.
10,000 players @ $50 each - Possible, Growth potential: Tough to entice new players and tough to maintain every year
100,000 players @ $5 each - Ideal, Growth potential: Easy to attract new players, easy to get players to maintain or increase their annual spend.

A player can still have value in terms of recruitment and advertising even if they don’t personally pay money. And the reputation of being “too generous” could easily counter balance any short term loss of not maximizing the per player spend.

So, if you think they’re being “too generous”, then personally spend some money on cosmetics, and more importantly tell all your friends, that’s what will really make or break the game.


Never thought I’d see a post like this after all of the stuff that has been flying around on the forums about “day 1 dlc” and gold rewards being to low. It was certainly generous for Abrakam to do what they did. I think it will go a long way into making the more f2p players happy. I think part of it is the fact that a lot of the info about Faeria is kinda old. Some people are still coming into this game thinking that they can buy all the cards for $50, that gold rewards were still in their early access state, and that the steam bundle is a good deal.

The way I see it, the people who play the game exclusively f2p or mostly f2p will be happy that they can get a little bit extra gold. The new starter pack helps those who want to spend a little money getting started in the game as well. The people who are spending a few hundred dollars getting all the cards and cosmetics will continue to do so anyway, so it doesn’t really effect them. This move might also help attract more people to the game than ever before as it shows them that the devs seem to be responding to the community. Time will tell but I’m happy with the direction that Abrakam has decided to take.


Totally agree. The only thing I have to complain about are the ranked rewards. They felt a bit lackluster and dont necessarily encourge (at least me) players to battle in ranked mode

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What do you actually think is “too generous to F2P players”? You didn’t specify what you think is too generous or what you think should be monetized that isn’t already… and I’m genuinely curious because I think that the game is in a pretty reasonable place right now as far as its monetization model and actually should be a bit more generous on the cards side of things.

He says so because it seems too fast to get a competitive collection without spending a dime (too much free golds/packs). Which don’t encourage players to invest money into it.

I don’t say that it’s actually true. I just clarify his statement.

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I am one of those cheapskate free player. I have never spent more than $25 on a single game so if they are not generous, I wouldn’t even consider spending any money. Somebody told me he spent $150 for a single expansion for Hearthstone, that’s crazy money for me. Of course, Faeria is different.

For me, if I can’t enjoy the game as a free player, then I am not going to play anymore. The longer I play, the more chance there is to pay because of the time I have invested and the enjoyment I get out of it. New (epic) cards are really hard to get after getting most of common and rare, so I don’t think they are being too generous. Of course players can play pandora only and not spend at all, but usually the longer they keep people playing, the more likely they are going to spend.

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The last 9 chests I opened all had 4 common and 1 rare, basically the lowest combination possible. I guess they balanced the gold increase by reducing the chance of epic and rare. Not really what I wanted. :worried:

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If they had reduced the amount of Epic and Rare, they’d have said it. Instead, they increased the chance for legendaries; you’ve just been unlucky.

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Yeah, after 9 battle chests all with 4 common and 1 rare, I got 2 common and 3 rare (one of the mythic) in the 10th. It just takes a lot of chests.

The same I am. For the last 8 chests, no rare or legendaries, just one rare among all common. So when a person says that the game is too generous to users, it means that he is lucky … I do not feel it at all.

Gold is good for pandora. My luck with chests got better.

1-1-2-0 (mythic chest)

I estimate it’s still probably going to take $100-200 to build a full collection though. And there are more cards with expansion too…

Edit: somebody said he built up almost a full collection in 2-3 months by being consistently successful in pandora.

The cost is hard to estimate. :sweat_smile:

I agree. It’s super easy to get free stuff.

This is what I thought when I bought day 1 DLC. I don’t even need it, so the value is insane!

I still think it while getting the starter pack. And I have some 20k gold and 2k gems still sitting idly on my account.

There is so much free stuff my wallet got empty!

(warning - this post is highly sarcastic, yet is not ill spirited in nature and is only meant to show the other side of generous f2p models)