[Tool] Faeria Collection Spreadsheet 2.0 - With a reroll guide, statistics, constructed and pandora tierlist

Hey everyone,

some of you may remember the excel spreadsheet I shared a while ago, the one to follow your collection, calculate needed memoria, reroll chances, etc. - also the one I promised to update.

Well, here it is.

What’s new?

  • Cards and ranks are up to date (December 14th 2016)

  • Reworked Faeria Collection, now split into 4 worksheets

  • Brand new editable Tierlists for both, Pandora and Constructed. (Ranks are split into 3 now)

  • Now with Filters and live update to any filter set / value changed

  • More statistics

A huge THANK YOU goes to @Eggr for the ideas, workarounds, simplifying formulars and all the other Excel related tips & tricks! Without him, the sheet would appear much more clunky and some stuff (especially on the tierlists) wouldn’t exist/work as fluently. Thanks a lot!

Also thanks to everyone who shared their feedback about my older version. I think (hope) I realized most of your suggestions. Feedback is always appreciated! :smiley:

##Download link
(file name should read “Faeria Collection 2.0_default.xlsx” - Macros are neither needed, nor implemented!)

If you don’t have Microsoft Office/Excel or another program to open .xlsx-files, you should be able to open it via drag & drop on this website. Note, that calculations may come with some delay, if you use this browser viewer.

  • Edit on compatibility issues:
    Unfortunately, if you do not use Microsoft Excel, lots of features of the new version won’t work as intended. Depending on which program/online viewer you use, some of the auto formatting in general, dropdown menus, checkboxes on the tierlists, as well as some hyperlinks and comments may not work as intended.
    I’m afraid, I can’t offer any quick solution for this, because I’d either have to rework the whole spreadsheet or make different versions working on some other (free) programs. I’ll probably try to make a working OpenOffice Calc version or some other workaround in the next few months. Don’t expect it before late february/mid march 2017 though, as it will take me a lot of time to dig into OO-Calc (never worked with it before) and learn about workarounds for the missing components.
    If anybody reading this knows a quick (and free) solution to solve these compatibility issues for everyone, please pm me on discord and let me know about it.

#Online Guide: How to use the spreadsheet
The spreadsheet is split into 4 general worksheets:

  1. Faeria Collection Spreadsheet
  2. Statistics (with tips about rerolling for new players)
  3. Constructed Tierlist
  4. Pandora Tierlist

##1. Faeria Collection Spreadsheet
This is where you have all cards listed in the same order as the ingame deckbuilder.

  • In case of changes due to balance patches or new cards being introduced see section “5.b.” (or cell A7) for how to manually update the spreadsheets order to match the ingame order again. :slight_smile:

All you need to do for the sheet to work properly, is to fill in the values of your ingame collection, seperated in regular and mythic copies.

  • You’ll notice some cards have default values; these are the cards you get for free as codex cards.

Note that each card has 3 different ranks (Personal, Constructed, Pandora). Adjust them as you see fit.

  • ’Personal Rank of Want’ are used for most calculations, with the exception of the tierlists.
    (see section 5. for some tips what you can do by adjusting these!)
  • ’Constructed’ ranks are used for the Constructed Tierlist only.
  • ’Pandora’ ranks are used for the Pandora Tierlist only.

Valid rank values are: S, A, B, C, D, E - with S representing “I want this card. NOW!” / god-tier; while E represents “Gosh, this card is useless.” / bottom-tier.
New Players: As a rule of thumb,

  • cards with the ranks S, A and B are generally worth keeping. (Therefore, they’re highlighted)
  • cards with the ranks C and D are used in only a few decks and can probably be replaced even there (or they’re rather niche cards). They usually can be rerolled, if you have good chances for still getting S-B ranks (see the Statistics sheet!)
  • cards with the rank E are pretty much “for fun only” or plain bad. Feel free to reroll them any time, even a C or D-rank is probably of more use.

##2. Statistics
Just click on the hyperlinks within the spreadsheet on the top right -> ‘Statistics’.
I think, most of this is self explanatory. For some tips about rerolling, I’d like to refer you to the sheet’s commentary; just hover over the cells A2-A4. (You can’t really miss it. Promise.)

Just some additional statistics for those players who seek a statistical overview for their mythic cards: Mark row 24 to 29 -> right click -> unhide.

The most important statistical information for you are probably:

  • Reroll chances for specific personal ranks. - The lower right golden table.
    (Tip: Reroll chances for the minimum ranks (S, A+, B+, …) refer to your personal rank of want, so you can change the settings to look for specific decks. (more on that below, section 5.a.))
  • Number of missing cards in your collection (sorted by Rarity and Personal Rank) - Lower left golden table
  • Memoria gain for disenchanting all surplus cards (refering to 3 different scenarios) - Blue table on the center
    (Tip: The first value should match the ingame value. If not, your values on the Collection Spreadsheet are not up-to-date or there are some cards you could disenchant for their full value due to a nerf. You can use this as a reminder.)
  • If you’re a new player: The reroll and crafting guide - located on a commentary on cells A3 and A4.
    (just hover over them with your cursor)

##3. Constructed Tierlist
Unlike the old tierlist, the new one will reorganize itself immediately, once you change anything in the spreadsheet or reorganize the filters.

You can filter the Constructed Tierlist by:

  • Color (Single or all colors)
  • Rarity and
  • Minimum ‘personal Rank of Want’

Note that the tierlist will sort itself dependant on the constructed tierlist column (=column F on the Collection Spreadsheet).

Additionally, I’ve added a column for the missing copies (to use in your decks) for all filtered cards, as well as memoria calculation, should you desire to see the memoria value.
Tip: You can use the Constructed Tierlist for a quick overview regarding your most wanted cards by setting it to ‘S’ (or A+, B+,…).

##4. Pandora Tierlist
This tierlists job is to help you by crafting. You can filter cards by rarity and color. Treasure cards are also displayed. I think the usage is rather self explanatory.
3 things to note though:

  • Multi colored cards are currently only displayed, if you check all needed colors.
    E.g.: Apex Predator (7f FFF LLL) will only show up, if you check both, green and blue.
    (For now it is assumed, that you play bi-colored cards only, if you play a bi-colored Pandora deck total, hence the requirement. I know this is kind of inconsistent with the Constructed Tierlist. I’m not sure about which version is more useful; based on feedback and personal experience, I may change this in a future version.)
  • Default ranks are currently set rather intuitive and mostly based on my Pandora experience from November 2016. I adjusted the ranks for what I think is accurate after all these changes on early December. No tierlist is ever set-in-stone. The meta for every ccg may change with every patch, sometimes even with just a tournament or just over time. Feel free to adjust the Pandora ranks on the Collection spreadsheet as you see fit!
  • Synergies - Faeria’s Pandora mode is highly dependant on synergies. Whenever I thought a card can be great if certain synergies are met, but quite bad without them (e.g.: Hateseed, Firebringer), I usually ranked them as ‘B’.

##5. Tips & tricks

a. ‘Personal Rank of Want’ - how to use this to your advantage
In the new version 2.0, each card has not only one, but three different rankings: Personal / Constructed / Pandora.
The intention of this is to give you the option to use your personal rank more dynamically, without messing up your tierlists.

aa. You can use the personal rank to check for memoria and missing cards for a specific deck:

  • Example: You plan on building a green/yellow sacrifice deck, which usually consists of at least 3x Souleater, 3x Bone Collectors, several Shaytan Assassins/Death Walkers, Annoying Gnat, Demon Wranglers, and some other stuff.
  • Flag every essential card (e.g. Soul Eater, Bone Collector) as personal ‘S’ rank
  • Every “good to have, but replaceable if necessary”-cards to ‘A’. (e.g. exchangable sacrifice targets, like Elderwood Hermit, Village Elder, Bloomsprite).
  • The Collection Spreadsheet will show you all the memoria needed for the missing copies on cell N10 (‘S’ ranks) and N11 (‘S’ AND ‘A’ ranks).

bb. Calculcated Reroll chances on the Statistics sheet are also based on your ‘personal rank of want’-settings

cc. Use the ‘rank of want’-filter on the Constructed Tierlist for a quick overview about memoria needed and missing copies total for your S-ranks (or A+, B+, …)
E.g.: If you flag all your top priority cards as ‘S’ (personal rank), you can set the ‘Rank of Want’-Filter to ‘S’ and filter further by color and rarity. This allows to check for, e.g. the memoria needed/missing copies of “all wanted green epics”, if you set the color filter to ‘green’, the rarity filter to ‘Epic’ and the ‘Rank of Want’-Filter to ‘S’.
Note that the tierlist is still sorted by the Constructed Rank! However, there’s a more plainly column to the right (‘Personal Rank’) to compare personal rank to the constructed tierlists rank.

b. Manually updating the Collection Spreadsheet
The cards’ order on the Collection Spreadsheet should match the ingame deckbuilder’s order, to allow a quick (and mindless) update on your Collection every now and then.

The ingame deckbuilder’s order of cards is:
1) Color (Neutral -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Yellow)
2) Faeria cost (ascending)
3) Land requirements (ascending)
4) Alphabetically (from A to Z)

The addition of new cards, old cards being reworked/renamed/changed usually results in a different order of the ingame deckbuilder. In that case, to match the ingame order again, I would have to update the tierlist quite frequently - which I more often than not, don’t have the time for (and even if I have, it will be delayed by a few days).

For that reason, I implemented an easy way for you to update the sheet manually to apply these patches. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the collection spreadsheet -> select the ‘review’ tab -> unprotect worksheet. (no password needed)
  2. In case of a balance patch: Change any changed card’s Name, Rarity, faeria-cost and landrequirement accordingly.
  3. In case of new cards being introduced, scroll down to the last listed card, select a free cell below and type in the following information: New card’s Name, Rarity, faeria-cost, landrequirement, rankings for Tierlist/Pandoralist (from ‘great’ to ‘useless’: S, A, B, C, D, E)
  4. The table will format the new needed settings automatically! Just give it a try.
    Now for the repositioning:
  5. Mark rows 10-12 (left click on the row’s numbers) -> right click on the row’s number -> unhide
  6. You should now see the head cells of a formulated table (Row 11). Click on the sorting symbol next to one of the cells of row 11 -> sort by color -> click ‘customize sorting’ -> click ‘okay’
  7. Select row 11 -> right click -> hide
  8. Select the ‘review’ tab -> protect worksheet -> ‘okay’. (Just to prevent yourself from accidently deleting any of the important formulars.)

For whatever reason, Excel will delete my preset customized sorting option in case you do.
In case you did anyways, you have to re-enter the preset customization sorting manually, by selecting ‘sort by color’ -> ‘customize sorting’ in the following order
1) Colortag (-> customize: N, G, B, R, Y, M, T)
2) f-cost (ascending)
3) to 6): F, L, M, D (ascending)
7) Alphabetically (A to Z)

c. Use the Pandora Tierlist to your advantage when building a Pandora deck

  • Only check the colors you’re going to use.
  • Note lots of ‘B’ ranked cards may be much better than some A or S ranked cards, if you build your deck synergy around it (for example: 4x Firebringer and/or Hateseeds can be REALLY good, if half (or more) of your deck consists of creatures with a higher attack than life!)
  • On that note, if you’re new to Pandora (or Faeria in general), I recommend watching luuu90’s Pandora guide for beginners for general strategies. :slight_smile:

d. Most cells are protected to prevent you for accidently removing/changing any important formulars.
If you want to toy around or see how the calculations are done, feel free to explore the sheet by unprotecting it first, though. (‘Review’ tab -> ‘unprotect sheet’ (no password needed)).

For toying around, I highly recommend making a backup version of your sheet, so you don’t have to refill all your values in case you mess something up.

e. Known issues

  • Some commentaries are only shown completely, if you scroll to the top first. (You’ll see what I mean, if you scroll down the Collection Spreadsheet and try to read the Quick manual commentary.) This is due to the way Excel’s commentaries interact with frozen table headings. As far as I know, this can’t be helped. You can only choose ‘unfreeze’ in the ‘view’ tab. However, you won’t see the headings while scrolling down anymore, if you do.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the sheet.
If you have any feedback, notice any bugs, miss some stuff, etc. please let me now. Feel free to leave a comment below or pm me on discord. :slight_smile:
Have fun!



Second post for small updates and fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the formular for the missing card count (statistics sheet).
    If you’re one of the 3 persons who downloaded the bugged version (before 11.00 pm CET on Dec 15th 2016), you can now redownload the sheet and just copy & paste your values. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Dark Crystal (Treasure - 8 faeria - imo ‘S’ (or at least ‘A’) pandora rank) was missing and is now included.

8th January 2017:

  • Reuploaded the sheet on another file sharing side. Apparently, the old link on tinyupload got corrupted somehow (Firefox warned me it’d contain malware). Not using Tinyupload anymore.

11th January 2017:

  • Included the changes from the balance patch from January 10th 2017.
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Thanks for all your hard work @Taiyodori I’ve been find your posts extremely helpful and enlightening! I really appreciate all the care you’ve put into them!

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Thanks! Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

For those of you not using excel, but the online viewer or a different program like OpenOffice: Do you experience any issues with the tierlists? I was told about the dropdown-menus and checkboxes not working, when using google drive (in fact not being visible at all).

If everything works, it should look like this:

Also, it’d be helpful if anybody could confirm/share a free online viewer (or program like OpenOffice Calc) these aspects work flawlessly with.

Thank you for all your work into the spreadsheet! The tier list is very helpful and eye-opening for beginners too. I didn’t know there is a difference tier list between ladder and pandora games. Food for thought.