[Tool] Faeria collection statistics; Reroll guide (Excel spreadsheet)

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to share an Excel-spreadsheet with the Faeria community, I just made some days ago. The spreadsheet displays and calculates various statistics about one’s personal faeria collection. Some of these statistics are, for example,

  • how many cards of a certain rarity are you still missing
  • the amount of memoria needed to craft all other cards of a specific category and
  • the probability of rerolling a card of a certain rarity

The idea of this spreadsheet is to give you an overall overview of your faeria collection and what’s still missing. In CCG’s, most people usually aim for a full collection or at least a collection full enough to build any deck they want to play.

Since October 12th’s patch, with each level up we are given the choice between 3 different cards, we’re guaranteed not to have the maximum amount of usable cards of, yet. When opening packs, we also have the option to reroll the card of highest rarity into another card of the same rarity.

These choices are a great tool to efficiently increase your collection. However, they are sometimes not easy to make. Especially new players usually have no idea of which cards are good to keep or should be rerolled. Or which of the presented three cards would be the best option for them to choose from. Hence, they often ask more experienced players on discord or somewhere else to help them with this choice, sometimes repeatedly when opening several packs at once. And, if they’re unlucky, there’s no one around who can help them.

The purpose of this excel spreadsheet is to help (especially new) players with these decisions.

Download Link

(file name should be “Faeria Collection_default + tierlist.xlsx”)

If you don’t have Microsoft Office/Excel or another program to open .xlsx-files, you should be able to open it via drag & drop on this website. Note, that calculations may come with some delay, if you use the browser version.

Example Picture:

So how does it work?

Quick tips to get started

I think (hope) most of this is self explanatory, once you take 5 minutes to get used to the sheet. It’s a lot of information though, so here’s some advice about the main functions (most of which is also shown in the sheet as a commentary – in that case, hover over it with your cursor):

In order for this sheet to work properly, you need to fill in your card collection within the light blue columns from cells C26 to C27 and below with the amount of cards you currently own. Default settings are just all the cards you get for free as a codex from the single player content.
If you own at least 3 copies of a specific card (or 1 copy, in case of a legendary), it doesn’t really matter, whether you fill in your other surplus copies or not.

The 3rd column (E26 and below) are for your personal disposal as well. In this column you can give each card “ranking”, of how badly you want them. Rankings vary from S (most wanted)/A/B/C/D to E (least wanted). This rank serves two purposes:

  • The preset values are meant as a (hopefully) correct first idea, of how good an actual card is. These values are based on a) what I think, most seasoned players would value these cards, and b) from what I’ve seen how frequently they’re used within decks at the monthly cup. Most players probably have a different opinion about some cards, but I think the values are rather accurate as a first guess. As a general rule of thumb, when opening the first like 50-100 packs (imaginary number),

  • I recommend to reroll any card with rank C, D or E and keep any card with rank S, A or B.

  • If you have the option to reroll a card you already have 3 copies of (or 1, in case of a legendary), always reroll this card instead.

  • When playing Faeria for some time, you might notice that you want to play a certain deck which you need some very specific cards for. To help you to get a specific overview for that chances, I recommend removing all “S” ranks from the E-column first, and flagging each card wanted asap as “S”.

  • L24 = amount of memoria needed to craft all missing “S”-copies

  • O11 to O14 = chance*, to reroll any card of a specific rarity into an “S” ranked card of the same rarity.

  • D11 to D15 = cards still needed to get the maximum amount of usable “S” ranked cards

  • It basically works the same for the other ranks, with the exception of the displayed reroll-chances: The columns of reroll chances for ranks below S, will factor in the cards of the specific rank or higher.

Regarding “memoria needed”, “chances to reroll” and “missing cards”, both, regular and mythical cards count towards your usable amount of maximum 3 copies. Note that in game this is currently not the case! So if you have 1x regular Seifer’s Wraths and 2x mythical, when drawing another regular copy, the game will tell you, that you would own “1 copy(ies)”. Considering you basically want a full collection of (specific) cards, no matter whether regular or mythical, this in game display is not wrong, but misleading.

However, some people might want special statistics about their mythical cards. Those are included by default (for they’re usually irrelevant). They can be displayed by unhiding the rows 16-19 (mark rows 15-20 → right click → “unhide”).

* The calculation of reroll chances assume that you can get the same card again. I’m not sure whether this is the case, but for the mentioned purpose the probability displayed should be accurate enough anyways. Assuming you couldn’t get the same card again would’ve also made the formulars multiple times as complicated (or at least I didn’t see an easy way to do so).

I hope this spreadsheet is a help for everybody using it. For feedback, bugs or anything else you might want to have changed or included, feel free to leave a comment below this post or to pm me on discord.