Touchpad issues on a Macbook


I’ve started playing only a couple of days ago, so I apologize if this is a known/WIP issue, but my Google-fu has led me nowhere, so I have decided to post this here.

I mostly play when my baby is asleep on my Macbook Pro, and I prefer using a touchpad for this reason as it doesn’t make any sound when I tap around. This works fine in the menus and the UI in general, but it is very unresponsive when playing cards or when issuing unit commands (movement, attacks and Gifts). Sometimes a single tap is ok, other times one has to double tap, while other times I try both several times to no avail until I have to resolve to clicking the touch pad manually down (which I prefer not to do as it makes a loud clicking noise while tapping does not).

I am honestly happy the game works on Mac to begin with (props for that!), but it would be awesome if this was solved so I could play during downtime during the day. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for reporting this :slight_smile: Will make sure the devs see it!