Tournament: Garudan Heart of the Mountain #3

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Hello everyone! My name is Hawaii, I’m part of the Spanish community and I’m super happy and excited to invite you to a weekly open tournament I organize every sunday: Garudan, Heart of the Mountain. So, let me tell you the information you need to know about it.

When does the tournament take place?

Every sunday at 7 PM CET / 8 PM CEST (check-in starts 6:30 PM CET / 7:30 PM CEST)

What are the tournament rules?

You can play with any deck in any round (no deck building restriction) .
Every match consist of a BO1 (best of one) game.
Double elimination bracket (so everyone can play at least 2 times).

What are the prizes?

(Huge thanks to Abrakam and Atmaz for this)
If 8+ participants: 1st place: 2500 in-game gold; 2nd place: 1000 in-game gold
If 16+ participants: 1st place: 5000 in-game gold; 2nd place: 2500 in-game gold
If 32+ participants: 1st place: 10000 in-game gold; 2nd place: 5000 in-game gold

Who can participate in it?

Both new and old players are welcome and there is no limit to the number of people who can register.

Where can I contact you?

Tournament’s Discord (please join if you can; it’ll be easier for me to communicate with you, and also it’ll be easier for you to ask any question you have and contact your opponent the day of the tournament)
-Hawaii’s discord: Hawaii#9707

With that being said, now I’ll tell you about next sunday (April 2nd): It will be the 3rd edition of the tournament (Garudan #2: 1st place: Bobrokrot; 2nd place: Causalidad) and thanks to the generosity of KillingTime, he will be streaming it.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next sunday!

Glad to see the community growing and creating content for the game!

Yeah this is sounds awesome :slight_smile:
I will definitely participate when I have time or at least watch the stream

Hey guys! Thanks! I’m always happy to help the game and the community in any way I can; and I would love to see you in a Garudan sometime.