Transform effects

So, WHY exactly transform effects sometimes do apply the summoning sickness and sometimes do not? I’m really tired of not knowing how a card will work next time I play it. I lost 2 games in the less than a week window, firstly I played UE on my card planning to attack after the evolution, and I was unable to, and now the enemy Evolved his card and attacked immediately after. What is going on with that card?

If your creature is able to attack the same turn you use UE in it, it will be able to attack after the UE aswell (not additionally!).

Well, yes. What was exactly what I tried to do a couple of days ago, just after the patch. I had a damaged high-cost creature next to an enemy creature, able to attack. But it would’ve died and I had a quite dead Evolution in my hand, so I decided to roll a dice and Evolve it in hope to get something with 6+ health. I did get a big creature, a blue colossus, I believe, but it lost its ability to attack that turn. I assumed the patch changed this interaction, but today I saw it working again as it always did. I really do not like inconsistencies like this. Especially in games without extended rule books like HS and Faeria.

It was a bug with the June 6th patch that was fixed on the 8th.

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