Transformation effects and fly

Hi there,

Well, I just (miss-)played a game and had a weird experience. I tried to diminish the pain of my defeat by transforming one of my foe’s flying creature, which was on an ocean tile (so not on a land, obviously :D). Used Unbound evolution on it, the creature transformed into a non-flying one.

A non flying one. On an ocean land. And it survived.

I remember a wonderful solo mission in which Rapala used Mirror Phantasm to transform one of his own flying creatures standing on the ocean and get destroyed.

So is that a bug, or a normal thing for non-npc players ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :smiley:

Creatures without flying or aquatic only die on oceans at the end of their owner’s turn. They also get to move even if they’re on an ocean, so the creatures can be saved if they’re moved onto a land before the turn ends.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Then Rapala’s quest misinformed me …

That’s another misplay to avoid then :slight_smile: