Trap Card Suggestion

Trap cards be used at our turn, but only active from at enemy’s turn or next our turn. Some effects like:

  • If enemy summon a creature on this land, it will be destroyed.
  • If enemy’s creature move across this land, it will be root at this land (root: can’t move but can attack).
  • If enemy’s creature move on this land, it can’t attack this turn.
  • If enemy’s creature move on this land, it will be reduced attack/HP.
  • If enemy create a land on this place, it will be destroyed/can’t summon on this land this turn.
  • First enemy creature be summoned this turn, it will be return to hand and can’t be summoned again this turn (don’t lost faeria).
    I think trap cards will make game more fun.
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Could easily be an expansion thing. I don’t know if it’s going to play all that well though.

Maybe they could test them in a public mod, so they have feedbacks.
I don’t know, I think the classic meaning of trap card should be a bit more different in game like this.

The classic traps don’t really look like they would fit in.

What about “Don’t try to be Hearthstone” ?

I don’t think this make it to be HS, because we have more choice for traps, we can use it on a cell, don’t just only action of enemy. It’s just my idea for consider.
Or some creatures can create a trap, Yu-gi-oh TCG have trap cards, HS have trap cards, so I think trap cards is a idea that we can make it better, because our creatures can move, don’t just stand.

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“Secrets” in Hearthstone were little more than a chore, and Trap cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! had so many triggers that they were basically quick-cast magic cards.

I think the best way to implement Traps in Faeria would be to reveal the card itself to the opponent - but not the target - the moment you play the Trap card. Once the condition is met, the Trap triggers once and then it is removed from the game.


Eruption: Trap 2f MM
Target: Any land
Trigger: When an enemy creature moves onto or across this space, deal 4 damage to it.

Way of the Toad: Trap 4f LL
Target: Any friendly creature
Trigger: When this creature is attacked, the attacking creature takes damage instead of this creature.

Ambush!: Trap 3f
Target: Any space
Trigger: When the opponent summons a creature in this space, summon 3 Hunted Outlaws in adjacent spaces.

Sincere Flattery: Trap 0f
Target: Any enemy creature
Trigger: When the opponent plays a spell on this creature, add a copy of that spell to your hand. It costs 1f and requires zero special lands.


I welcome any new cards! :slight_smile: Especially if they can be used as removal :smiley:

I think it would be cool if you could place traps on oceantiles aswell, but only if you have a creature adjacant to it or something like that.

I think Wavelengths idea is good, show what card is played, but not what you target with it.


Yeah, I think we are making trap cards idea is better. :smiley: