Tree of Everlife is still op

yesterday , on my game on ranked match i played against my oponent and he played with trees he rushed me at first and i had successfully defended and charged back at him and at the end he had 10 life and i had around 17 life with some heavy attackers on board and here comes the tree of everlife eventhough i had two fireballs cant even finish it with its 7 life for a structure and so i rushed to take out the everlife which has only 1 life .With the everlfe ability my oponent life replenished and thats not all he placed a golem with +7/+7 of its orginal health and my high attackers were destroyed by the golem and again on the next turn my opponent’s life replenished and again a monster with increased +7/+7 of its original health and i lost at the end, because of one card so please i request the faeria team to balance the everlife card .
thanks for reading my story guys cya

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A good rule of thumb is to never suggest a nerf of a card (deck) that you have never played yourself.

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If you say it is nerfed enough, dont you see for a structure 7 life is too much ok it’s a legendary card i will accept that but production- gain 7 life + everyturn a creature in your hand gets +7/+7 and all this costs only 7 faeria . in 2 turns there will be a complete gamechange because of one single card and even though i had two fireballs still no use because of its seven life . I think it still need to be nerfed the way it is now its like a super legendary card .

Play it yourself and you will have a different (more informed) opinion, I promise. (You forgot to mention land requirements)

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I’ve had a Tree standing for two turns yesterday, and still lost.

Your opponent did not win because he had a Tree, he did win because you failed to recognized a greedy ramp and pressure him enough. If you were able to “charge back”, by identifying a Tree were coming (10 land req, the only other possible thing was a fully discounted primeveal Colossus), you could have made sure that you can hit it with a creature no matter where it is dropped. Alternatively, you could have setup lethal (10 life sounds under the threshold of a typical medium sized red creature hit + double flame burst).

If a greedy deck manages to survive long enough to meet its greedy requirement, even if it seems to be behind on board, it actually is not (or not by as much as it seems). The fact that Tree of everlife is 10 lands makes it far worse than typical greedy decks which start spiking at six lands (gemshell turtoise, tosser).

Also, you forgot matchup. Green usually beats Red. If your opponent did not went to 10 lands but to 5 and had a mono green 5F rush designed accordingly (no colossus or oak father, but Golem, Ruunin, force, and buffs) he would have likely crushed you hands down with the spared ressources and the unfair matchup. If anything, the fact that you nearly won with red against green (and probably could have won with better play) tells that Tree is likely subpar compared to other faster Green tools.

I second Xged suggestion, play with Tree of Everlife, lose with it, and learn how your opponents are countering this meme (fun but not competitive) card.