Turn one OTK puzzle

(Apologies if this has been mentioned before).

It is technically possible to win on turn 1 as the non-starting player (if I didn’t make a mistake).

If you could get just 1 more faeria to start with it’s also possible to win on turn 1 as the starting player. Not 100% sure you can’t do it with just the starting 3 faeria, but I can’t see it.

Can you figure out how?

The first person to post how to do this will be first!

this has already been found months ago
it basicly uses failed experiment + water elemental + lot’s of spellwhirls in order to pull off 2 failes into fall after that finally place down reaver and 3 ninja toads and before they all attack the god you give one a triton banquet.

it has also been found that you can commit suicide turn one this way as well


Ah well, I thought there was a fair chance it had been mentioned before.

That was my answer too (and probably the only way AFAICT).

You can also just move the lands, or use more elementals + gagana to get whatever land requirements you need.