Twinsoul Spirit seems underwhelming?

I’m thinking of creating a blue/yellow deck with Twinsoal Spirit but it doesn’t look strong to me and don’t think it’ll be worth it to craft them.

I have never played against anyone using Twinsoul Spirit. It makes sense to me since it doesn’t seem to have enough life. Granted, it has huge value for the 4 faeria but Red burn, Garudan, Protection, and Forrest decks (among others) should be able to deal with them easily. It also only has flying, I would expect it to have jump as well since it is both yellow and blue.

My preference is usually to play Green or Green/Blue decks so this is maybe why I find it weak. I would love to hear if anyone finds it a good card, and if so, how they use it and how to counter Red Burn for instance. Or, has anyone else found it underwhelming?

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Check out this:

Haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks fun!

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That does look like a good deck :open_mouth:. I’m going to give that, or something like it, a try. I’ve already crafted the Twinsouls and made my own semi-similar deck and it does look like it has some promise. Thanks for the link! :faeriaheart::smile:

Up to this point, I have tried a few iterations of Twinsoul decks.
Unlike its bi-color fellows (except maybe Champion) Twinsoul is not a wincondition, and is not overwhelming. It can be hard countered by Red AoEs if you commit too much to the board.

I regret that the Twinsoul it creates is not a perfect copy of itself, so you can’t use things like Court Jester in combo. Maybe it would be too powerful in combo with things like Oakling (despite the high land requirement …)

Nevermind, Twinsoul made me win quite a few games, and there’s no greater feeling than dropping 6 of them in one turn around opponent’s orb (and not getting Firestormed/Garudaned afterwards of course ;)).

However, I doubt that it’ll be competitive, but maybe that day will come. Still, I definitely think these guys are underrated.

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I agree with Foxclear.
They are fun but most of the time not as strong as the other 6land cards.

They are really fun though, I used to play them in Yellow blue event before they changed the colossus.
They used to be 4/2, since then they were buffed to 4/3 which is a lot better than 4/2 to be honest.

Best feeling is when you run Auroras Creation to get out 12 twinsouls! :smiley:

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Never happened to me, though … You’d need the right 6 cards, and 27 faeria to achieve this, that would be quite amazing :smiley:

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Auroras dream baby! :smiley:

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God ! Are you serious ? That would be amazing ! Now, I definitely want to make that happen ! Guess I’ll give a lot of free wins these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @Foxclear and @J0k3se for your helpful feedback earlier and for your more recent, less useful, comments :laughing:.

“Less useful” ? If you’re facing me tonight, beware of my almighty new DreamSoul deck ! (well, what would it look like, I wonder … ;))

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hahaha :+1: I’ll try find on ladder in a bit (working late tonight :sob:), I’m excited to up my rank :wink:. I may, or may not, play my Sturdy Apex deck if I can’t figure Twinsoul out…

Finally did it ! The DreamSoul new meta !
10 of them in one go !

And you can even win by boosting them (the Aviary was in my second to last card, though :/)

If you want to try it, here’s my decklist :

Just a few tips : forfeit if opponent plays double aggressive Prairie, that’s impossible to pull it off against rush. Get rid of all low cost cards before playing Dream, try to keep only Twinsouls and Creations. When using Creation on Twinsoul, use it on the original, not on the copy. The copy’s bugged and its Gift will not work. Last tip : persevere :slight_smile:

So, Twinsoul still too weak ? Well, yes. But I thought that a deck more serious (and without Dream ofc), with more aviaries could maybe do it. after all, 2 Aviaries mean that you 3-shot opponent, I’ll try that ass well.


Haha, brilliant!! I’m going to give that a try this weekend for sure :smiley:. Thanks for sharing and for the useful help :faeriaheart:.

To make it competitive I wonder if they could up its cost by 2 and make it a 5/4 or 4/4. Jump would also be nice ^^.

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I hear a lot of people complain about twinsoul being too weak. I don’t think these complaints are justified. You pay 4 faeria for 8/6 worth of stats divided into two bodies. Getting 2 creatures protects it from last nightmare, which is a big plus.

I think the problem is not the twinsoul itself but rather the lack of a good shell.
BlueYellow control isn’t a thing because there aren’t enough synergies between the two collors. Ofcourse you can build an event based deck but that’s a tempo deck, not a control deck. Twinsoul is way too slow for that type of deck.
I have tried a twinsoul deck before. When you start casting your twinsouls, you are usually in a pretty good spot. It’s getting there that is the problem. So my advice would be, wait out the 10 new cards that come out next week and see if they fill some of the blanks in the blue yellow controldeck.

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