Typo/grammatical error

Hello! I absolutely love the game, but I come across spelling mistakes or grammatical errors every now and then which detract slightly from the experience. I know this is a minor thing and I probably seem like a bit of a “special person” pointing it out, but I figured someone should.

In “Hilo, Divine Flame”'s tooltip it reads “Hilo keeps his master Pyhros relax while in play”. It should read “Hilo keeps his master Pyrhos relaxed while in play”.

Like I said, I’ve come across small things like this before but not made note of them, but perhaps I’ll add them to this topic as I find them!

I love your game!


I also just noticed the “Master Craftsman” daily quest reads as “Master Crafstman”. Totally minor and I know you’re all busy with fun new features, though just thought I’d add to this convenient topic. Have a great weekend!

[quote=“Vudd, post:1, topic:8234”]
Hilo keeps his master Pyhros relax while in play
[/quote]I reported this one around when it came out. I guess they’re just focusing 100% on Oversky.