UI Improvement suggestions

  • Obviously mythic should be shown by default. This is a big one.

  • When in waiting in queue and the games find an opponent the window should pop on top like in League of Legends. At least to me it happens that every I have my browser window in front while waiting in queue

  • After the 1231324th game in Pandora game mode there is no reason to show the prompts yet again. Imho very annoying to click them away every game.

  • Allow the player to add more than 30 cards to a deck. Filtering them after adding makes deck building way easier.

other suggestions

  • Let us choose the card art that represents our decks
  • The timer for waiting in queue is so tiny compared to all other UI elements. Imho to be more consistens it should be bigger.
  • The placement of the return button should be consistent. I think it should be at the same place on each screen (unlike in the pandora lobby or collection screen )

I think it depends on each people choice ^^ I do prefer when mythic cards are not shown.
But a good solution, that would make everybody happy, would be the saving of the option to show or not to show mythic cards.

Concerning the ability to have more than 30 cards in deck, why not. I could even propose something that looks better to my mind : once you add a card in the deck, you could add 1 copy of it by left-clicking on it in the deck, and remove 1 copy of it by right-clicking (which is actually how it works). That would make deck building smoother.

I agree too with the last 3 suggestions.

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The Issue is that even after 15 hours of gameplay I had cards I didnt even know about because they were hidden because they were mythic. A few hours ago another new player (on reddit) asked where he could find his mythic cards.
And it is kinda counter intuitiv that you have to click the search button to activate the filter to see your cards.

You’re not wrong, players should have a choice but currently they dont have one. When I leave the collection the flag on the mythic filter is gone again, although I activated it and didnt even close the client.

Some good marginal suggestions here! My thoughts on each:

Mythic Cards: These used to be shown by default, but it was very sloppy to show two different versions of the same card on the deckbuilding screen. At the community’s suggestion, it is now hidden by default, and I like that. An option (hidden deep in the options menu) to show it by default would be fine, but I for one definitely don’t want to be forced to sift through twice as many cards.

Queue Popup: Great idea. I’m not sure how easy that would be to do using the code base or middleware that Faeria uses, but if feasible, I would love this. I often don’t see that I was entered into a match, and miss the mulligan phase.

Pandora Notifications: In total agreement with you, but I believe this is a known bug rather than an intentional design choice?

Add 30+ Cards While Deckbuilding: Would be unintuitive for newbies ("I just made a 40 card deck, now I can’t use it?!), but helpful to seasoned players as they theorycraft. I personally like this idea; it would just need to be done in a way that it’s really obvious your final deck needs exactly 30 cards.

Art to Represent Deck: Total agreement!

Queue Timer: It’s a pretty unimportant UI element IMO, the amount of time you’ve been in the queue is an unimportant curiosity; I’m happy with the way it is

Return Button: Agree, this would be better UI design


good idea to go over 30 limit when deckbuilding

queue notification is nice

i dont want to see mythic cards, too much clutter when deckbuilding


be able to re-arrange decks in your list order, so you can place more used decks at the top (so you can click on them to queue with easier), and switch around when you start to change your taste/playstyle/meta shifts