Unable to connect since last patch?

Hi guys, I’ve been having connection issues the whole of yesterday and today, the game just says the server is down or unable to connect to server. I think it might be something to do with the last patch?

Was wondering if anyone had any idea what could be causing this. I’m assuming its only a few people affected since I don’t see any other threads about the issue here or on the Steam forums.

Well, it seems that it’s working for other people (otherwise we would have had a lot more people asking about this) Have you tried to do a force update? (go to steam library, right click on faeria -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game cache) Also, what OS are you using (Windows/Linux/IOS)?

Also, my apologies for this late reply, we just got these boards and still have to get used to it (plus last weekend was the big tournament, so we all got caught up into that). I would recommend using discord and joining the Faeria channel if you haven’t, as most of the time there’s always someone there who can possibly help you.

Yeah I figured that was the case. No real hurry, I usually play Faeria among other things.

I had been verifying my game cache repeatedly, it would say there was an error, and download a 0 size file, and still not work.

So I actually deleted the entire game and reinstalled it. Didn’t fix the issue, the same problem continued.

Today when I tried verifying the game cache again, it downloaded a small 1.7kb file. The game seemed to load a bit further when trying to connect, but still was unable to connect in the end. And every time I verify, it keeps telling me verification has failed and tries to download that same file.

No idea what’s causing this, I realise the problem is only me because I know usually on the Steam boards, there are people who will post threads asking for help when the servers go down.

Well, then the question still stands: What Operating System are you using? This is very important information and we can’t really help if we don’t know.

Though it’s weird the verification process fails. That would mean it can’t download or install the patch, which it should (seeing as even if you do it on a game that’s fully updated and working, it will still succeed)

Ah sorry, missed out the question. I’m on Windows 7 atm.

UPDATE: I tried running it on a Windows 10 laptop I have, same internet connection. It connected and ran fine for some reason =/

I have the same issue since today’s update. On Win 7