Underground Boss

Now this might be a controversial one, especially since a lot of people hate playing against combat red, but I think the issue with the archetype really was the syland horsemaster, wich got nerfed.

Now back to our boss, i think its just a bad card. Easly dies in one combat trigger to pretty much all colors now. Maybe not early game, but it can already happen mid-game. The nerf really made it worse then underground brigand, and really, if im expecting only one combat trigger out of it, why would I play Boss over this? Why bother paying 2 more faeria?

I just read the patch notes, haven’t tried it in-game, so I might be wrong, but I really feel this is a very bad nerf. What is your opinion?

PS: I know, you can still gift of steal it, but it kinda forces you to have both cards in-hand, and 8 faeria, and you might just see it die for 6 (last nightmare), get swallowed or frogified, wich loses you a ton of value.

EDIT: After playing some matches with it, my fears came true. The card is dead