Underground Brigand vs Underground Boss vs Shedim Brute

Which one do you prioritize in a Red combat deck? I am confused which one I should pick more of if I can’t fit in them all. Underground Brigand vs Boss, same type of creature just different sizes, which is better value? Red decks tend to be expensive so is Shedim Brute worse compared with the other two?

I guess you’re already including grim guard, (because you didn’t mention it,) which is the best.

Brigand is kind of a waste of space if you ask me. If you’re going to play a card, it should have value and do something on the board. Yes, you can use it to collect faeria, but you can use a a Shedim Brute to collect faeria AND control the board.

…I guess the only reason why you might use Brigand is if you are following up with more expensive creatures, (perhaps Kobold Warrior, which is really good.)

…bbbuuttttt I would still use Shedim Brute.

I’ve tried really hard to make Underground Boss work, because that 2 faeria combat gain looks so promising … but he is just too weak a card. He is a 3/5 and without a buff, just too weak. Better to play 1 mana more for a 6f card that can actually influence the board WITHOUT a buff.

…there is a secret, though… the best way to use a Brigand is actually… as bait O_O;;;; …but baiting is still too high level for me …so…

Some good points. But Brigand can be buffed by Herald of War and Gift of Steel too… I like Shedim Brute too, but Red lacks cheap harvesters, just worried if the deck may become too expensive to play. There are some faeria reduction cards beside Underground Brigand and Boss, but they are a bit random, so it feels rather risky.

Grim Guard has Taunt, and Red lacks Taunt, so I put it in a different category.

Imho it’s not as bad as you make it out to be. Shedim Brute is supposed to be an aggressive creature not for harvesting.
Brigand has some good sides too

  • it has the combat keyword, so there are other synergies that go with it
  • enemies are reluctant to fight it because you get faeria
  • you will probably get it’s faeria worth back over it’s lifetime ( 2 faeria when it gets attacked + 1 faeria you harvest)
  • great creature for blocking, because if they attack you get 75% of faeria cost back

yeah but that faeria investment return comes at the expense of tempo. Sure you can do 2 damage with him to something to get 2 mana back, but how many turns will that take to get your investment returned?

You can use a Gift of Steel on him, but … that’s a BIG waste, I think.

and finally… (I really shouldn’t divulge such secrets, that give my eventual opponents an edge…but…) … when the fight really hits the fan, and everything is on the line, the LAST card you want to pull is a weak card that costs you tempo.