Unity analytics in game

I have found unity analytics configuration in game files (on linux ~/.config/unity3d/Abrakam/Faeria) and it looks that everything is enabled by default. I have not found any way to disable this setting in game and I do not remember seeing anything about it on the first start. It seems to me that this is against GDPR as it is also stated in unity documentation (https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityAnalyticsDataPrivacy.html). I am a little worried about this because unity analytics is 3rd party service which might share data with other organizations and it might be used for targeting ads. Also unity analytics is not mentioned in https://www.faeria.com/terms#privacy-policy.

Could you provide me some info about what is collected and who can access this data? Also how I am able to out?

P.S. Unity analytics configuration in my computer looks like this: