Upcoming tournaments

Is there a list somewhere of the upcoming tournaments and how to qualify ?

I’ve seen some, but they either just offer Gold + Pandora tickets rewards or they are outdated, showing only july tournaments and those before.

A good way to stay updated about tournaments is to check out the #Tournaments room in Faeria’s discord channel!

You can also check out “Kappa Council” and “Yak Talk” on Youtube (Faeria talkshows).

There is also this, http://faeriakick.com/tournaments.php.

Currently, the biggest tournaments that takes place in a few days that im aware of are the following:
www.esports.faeria.com (on saturday, but too late to qualify now)
www.open.playfaeria.com (every sunday)
And the Element Cup (150usd prize, 7th of august)

The Element cup is here: https://battlefy.com/team-element/element-cup/57a0be52f7e8152e0cfcbd9f/info

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