Verduran Force vs Barbarian Ogre

Verduran Force:
6 Faeria, 2 Forrest

Barbarian Ogre
7 Faeria, 2 Mountain

I dont seem to understand why Verduran Force is more cost effective. And if it is because one is common and the other one is rare than this is bad balancing in my opinion.
I think they should cost the same.
Or if there is an logical explanation behind this I would love to hear that :slight_smile:

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When it comes to creature stats, Forest is worth more than Mountain, since overstatted creatures are the primary theme of Green.

I was thinking this was unfair too but have just noticed there are a few faeria reduction cards in red. That’s probably the reason, even though all the reduction are random, iirc.

Having big creatures might be Green’s theme but having I don’t think having more cost-effectiveness belong to that theme.

And I don’t think having cost reduction justifies it being cheaper, since you need to play a card and spend even more faeria and then be lucky to reduce the cost of Barbarian Ogre.

Having overstatted creatures is equivalent to having cost effective creatures. Each suite has cost-effectiveness in their own respective ways.

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The deck kind of play as a unit so it’s not really right to look at the cards in isolation. It’s not like you can replace the Barbarian Ogre with the Verduran Force, or win the game alone with just that 1 card. Underground Brigand can make a profit in faeria on its own from combat, that faeria gain can be used to leverage Barbarian Ogre’s higher cost.

Another example are the Elementals.

Air Elemental is 4/2, but Fire Elemental is 5/2. Of course Wood Elemental with 3/4 and Taunt is clearly better than the others (Water Elemental 3/3).

I agree Green seems to have the stats advantages and I wouldn’t be unhappy if they are nerfed. But they are also limited in removal, movement and ranged damage compared to other colours. Not sure what exactly is the right balance but it’s not just comparing stats.


I think you also have to considered the fact that Verduran Force is a rare card and Barbarian Ogre is a Common.

I dont think it has anything to do with rarity difference (both are non-legendary and can be included 3x in a deck).
My understanding of (non-legendary) rarity design is to introduce asymmetry in obtaining cards via chests, crafting etc

So, to get to the point: Verduran is stronger than Ogre because green lacks direct removal and direct damage. Somewhat better stats and buffs make up for that, which of course get punished by removal and transformation effects.

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