Version 0.9 Feedback

Good morning!

I have been playing some Faeria since the patch and I have some feedback I would like to share! :slight_smile:

  • $-only orbs
    I bought Orb of the Arcane early on, not only to have an awesome looking orb, but also to show other players that I have supported the game that I so much love by buying it for $.
    Its not a big deal, but I like the idea of having real-money-only orbs. But again I understand why its bad (see the exclusive items wall of text)

  • UI-changes
    This has been a hot topic and I know your working on it. But we need to see critical info like cards in hand, cards in deck and landcounts ALL the time unless we choose to disable it.

  • New puzzles
    The new puzzles that I have played so far have been very entertaining! I am very happy that there are more challenging puzzles!
    But please - let me play my puzzles. Dont force me to play the quests and challenges if I dont want to.

I would prefer if the Solo menu had a submenu called Puzzles that looked something like this:

  • Pandora Points
    Admittedly, I have not played any Pandora yet, but I think that I very much like the way the Pandora Points are collected. Pandora is supposed to be a fun mode, that also helps you improve your collection. I have played thousands of hours of Diablo3 and one of the reason I think it is so successfull, is because you always make progress. You can play for 16h one day and make a lot of progress, but you can also play 20min in the morning and 20min in the evening, and you will still feel like you are making progress! You also get motivated to play more, because the more you play the more you gain, and hopefully you will have a lot of fun in the process!

  • Balance
    The balance changes made, in my oppinion, made the game better. Good job! But… Losing to yellow rush feels so bad, because first you get hit and hit and hit, then you might stabalize and feel kind of good, then a 12/12 crusader drops. Would love to have that card (and firebringer) get hit by the nerfhammer.

  • Bugs
    You cant summon flying creatures (Khalim Skyguard) next to Wind Gate if its an ocean tile (puzzle, Jalmyr).

  • Emotes
    The emotes-list should only appear if you rightclick your orb. Sometimes it appears when I am trying to place/move something and its an unnecessary annoyance.
    :rubyfish:I want a “Good morning!” emote!!! I dont see many people use the emotes yet, but it is nice that there is an option for it.


Concerning the bug, you actually can’t summon Khalim Skyguard next to Wind Gate at all, unless on a desert tile (puzzle 37). But that’s unnecessary to complete the puzzle, though.

About the balance, they were indeed a good first step, but I don’t feel Mid Red is much weaker : while having the best and most varied cleaning options in the game, it still plays undercosted and powerful minions with ease, I would have preferred Hate Seed to not be a 0-cost whatever-its-stats. And I don’t think it’s normal, much less sane that Red minions equalize or overwhelm Green creatures’ stats, which are supposed to be the bulkyests, and often for even less cost.

There’s still work to do in the area of balancing I’m afraid. :worried:

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  • i think $ only orbs are a very good idea it’s something special and like you said, shows that you support the game

  • agreed , also really miss the old UI , i want to see all information on the board without having to hover over anything

  • i think puzzles and quests should just be in seperate lanes without annoying fugoro in between

  • i disabled emotes for that reason (because you can missclick your orb)

so yeah good feed back j0k3 and i agree with it mostly


For me, the player who opens pandora have a advantage:

  • he reseves 6 faeria , 2 cards (and he can use the treasure first) and he harvest faeria.

May be 2 faeria is enough for the player who opens pandora.