Visual problems

I’m a new player (just downloaded the game and played the tutorial) and noticed that in the tutorial when you receive new cards you don’t actually gets to see the second card, it’s hidden behind the first one. As a player who has previously played similar games like hearthstone and some flash games similar to the board I know that it’s important to keep track of your deck and collection, meaning that when you get a new card you should be able to see it. I believe the same problem is true for when you earn cards from solo mode.

Secondly, while I was playing through the tutorial I got a lot of cards in my hand, so one card got behind the action button (the thing where you choose to play land and end your turn) and I couldn’t read what was written on the card. As a new player to this game it is crucial to be able to read the cards as I have yet not memorized them.

Thank you for improving the game, Reconhacker

Hi! Im not sure if this is relevant for your problem, but just in case. What resolution are you running the game in?