Voice of Truth (Or Click) Bug

Played Voice of Truth. Quickly targeted my opponent’s buffed creature. Nothing happened except my creature was played.

I think I’ve heard about this as an input bug. Anyway, might want to fix it quickly. Completely changes game outcome which is essentially game breaking.

Yes, perhaps you can be careful. But I’ll be playing more of other games where input works properly until this gets handled.

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Perhaps I misunderstood what you said (in that case, please forgive me and don’t feel offended ^^).

But it seems to me we can stay kind when pointing out some bugs, especially when these bugs are occuring just one week after the release, on a F2P game, and not - obviously - in an AAA game.
Actually, whatever the context may be, we always get more positive results when we try to stay respectfull of people and hard work.

On the problem itself now : I’m sure it will be corrected soon, because Faeria team is very careful about player’s feedback ^^ :yak:

Personally, I thought I was respectful. If it seemed like I was disrespectful let me add some context.

  1. This bug was reported 20 days ago in this thread: Bug: ignored inputs when playing quickly

  2. A game should not leave early access with this sort of a bug. Faeria had been on my radar for a while. But I held off playing it because I wanted to wait until it left early access and these sort of bugs had been handled. To know of this bug before leaving early access, and then to leave anyway is highly unacceptable in my book.

  3. After the War Effort announcement stream, they played some tournament games by the top players that had been pre-recorded. In the first game with Loou, he had this bug happen to him. There was no remake. The announcers tended to just accept that this bug existed and that this was unfortunate, but no big deal. Like, what? You are clearly trying to create an esport environment but then you put out an esport contest with an obvious bug having a massive impact.

  4. This isn’t some obscure bug that occurs with one card in one situation. It happens because a person “clicks too fast” when playing a card with a secondary order or target. Gamers often click quickly.

  5. Then we get to my game. I’m 2-2 in the Practice Coin Pandora run. My opponent has a 3/4 creature that has been buffed to 7/10. I have a 7/7 in attacking range and play Voice of Light to reduce his creature and get a favorable trade. The card effect gets cancelled, not only wasting my turn but then allowing his 7/10 to trade favorably into my 7/7. Turned a close game into a lost game.

So excuse me if I sound salty but I want to impress that most gamers have a high expectation of product. Sure, bugs will pop up from time to time. But a bug of this magnitude, for the reasons I discussed above, is completely unacceptable to have for 3+ weeks now.

The designers here have done some great things. I’ll applaud them for many things. This team has shown a great deal of incredible creativity with this game. But I wanted to wait for a complete game without such bugs. I thought we were at that point, but I’ll continue to wait since we clearly aren’t there yet.

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I definitely understand your point ^^ I encountered this same bug sometimes too, and it is clearly a click bug (it happens with different cards, as you said).

I hope @Atmaz could confirm us that this bug is on the “to do” list of corrections of developers team ; it would reassure all of us.

Now on my first answer to you, I may have reacted to fast, excuse me. I was just surprised by the tone of your first post, but I understand now you were maybe still angry (deservedly) about your Pandora game. Anyway, on the substance, I agree with you.

Thanks for your explanations ! I hope this problem will be fixed soon so you can come back with us on Faeria ! :rubyfish:

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There are games, games like hearthstone, that have bugs like this YEARS into there release that were only dealt with quickly because they are isolated. Faeria is still new and bugs like this are expected even after release. You can’t get mad at the game for having A (singular) bug that lost you A (singular) game. If there were multiple bugs resulting in multiple deranks, then let someone know. Otherwise, just respond to the origianal thread and let them you encounted it too.

This is a bug that can surface in different ways regarding Gifts or Dash and clicking very quickly. It’s definitely on our radar, but it’s also a very tricky bug to fix. I know it’s not satisfying to hear, but the reason this hasn’t been fixed yet is simply due the development weight required in fixing this. It’s been on our to do list for a long time, and we’re working our way toward the best solution.


No problem @Atmaz ^^ I was sure you knew it, because it has been a topic on the Boards or on Discord many times. Good luck for fixing it and don’t worry, we are patient :rubyfish: well at least, most of us :smile: