Voice of Truth Text

Hey there, was just playing a round of Pandora and was faced with a particularly nasty creature my opponent had buffed up into the teens. I had happened to have a Voice of Truth in hand, which reads “Restore a Creature to it’s original attack and life”, so to me, this means the stats that the card would read before any changes were made to it. I threw down the card and I swear a sad trombone sound played when it was rendered entirely ineffective at deflating the roided out creature. So in my opinion, one of two things needs to happen: the ability should be modified to have the effect I was so disappointingly robbed of, OR the text should be changed to remove any unfortunate misinterpretations that might arise.

Thanks for reading/considering.

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Can you elaborate more on the actual context of your play? As of right now there’s no way to respond on whether or not the creature you targeted should have been affected in a different way than it was. The way you interpreted the wording is the way the card should work I believe, so it was either a creature which worked properly or a bug, but can’t be sure because there’s no info to work with.

If anybody can confirm that it works the way I’d intended, it could totally be a bug, or even some strange user error. If I recall correctly it was a crystal dragon that had secrets of strength and a few other buffs (I think shamanic dance and elderwood embrace?)