Vote for Noa is a vote for (sarcasm on) Love, Peace and Harmony (sarcasm off)

Hello everyone,

it’s time to start a voting campaign aswell.

10 reasons why you should vote for me:

  1. Because I am too bad to qualify myself, but mostly do pretty well in the monthly
  2. Because I am currently the guy, who got the furthest of all guys who got voted into the monthly in the past (Top 8 after qualifying through votes)
  3. Because you hate me
  4. Because you love me
  5. Because you like my salt
  6. Because you like my tournament series King of the Hill
  7. Because you want to see more organized tournament activities
  8. Because you like to see decks noone else plays, cuz they’re bad :smiley:
  9. Because [insert random text here]
  10. Because I’m running out of stuff to fill even 10 reasons to vote for me

If that doesn’t convince you, then still give me your vote :joy: