Wanna win against Swallow decks? Here's the counter

So we all know that the creators of Faeria hate diversity with this new expansion: 3 wishes with swallow and frog tosser everywhere wrecking all other decks. So how do you win? Easy, don’t play any creatures at all :wink:

2x Emperor’s Command
3x Punishment
3x Seifer’s Wrath
3x Derelict Tower
3x Flame Burst
3x Firebomb
3x Hellfire
2x Soul Drain
3x Wind Soldier
2x Choking Sand
3x Last Nightmare

Remove every creature as soon as it hits the field; ideally your opponent never collects faeria. Your opponent will waste precious faeria for land development while you only play the 5 lands you need and from there on take faeria to always have enough. Win conditions are the hellfires, flame bursts, seifers wrath and your opponents fatigue ;). Remove whales with nightmares or punishment + wind soldier or flame burst. Usually these decks dont bring enough creatures to have any board presents at all. And drawing with three wishes will give them creature removal, very useful against this deck ;))).

Any improvements? It’s the first draft, but already won several games against whale/ crystal flower decks.

DISCLAIMER: Of course this deck only works best against the stated deck. Although not unwinnable, other match-ups can be harder.


I forgot the name of the card that drains all faeria wells for 2 turns (it is a structure). It’d be a good addition to your deck since you have no creatures to harvest :slight_smile:

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Oh man a mirror match would be intense :wink:

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Good point. It’s Imperial Drain.

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