Weard system with the friendlist


today i erased all of the invitations of my friednlist, which i already has confirmed, because the game told me that the other person has to answer. That is weard, because i answered on a invitation already. So how exactly is the system working in Faeria?
In all other online games in know it is quite easy: One player send an invitation, the other confirmed --> Done.

I don’t understand. You ask someone else to be your friend?

Then, the game ask you to erase/cancel the invite?

I don’t get that, when I ask someone to be my friend. The game only ask me if someone else want to be my friend. There is a friend suggestion too but that doesn’t bother you, it’s just silent.

Are you talking about recruitment? If so than you need to add them as your recruiter in your friends list. If you already made someone your recruiter then I don’t believe erasing them from your friendlist changes that.

When friending someone they have to accept for you to become friends. In the friendlist you will also see people you played against, and any friend requests that you may have pending. You can delete everyone you don’t want to be friends with. But Yes Friending works exactly as you expect, You send a friend request, the person you sent a request gets a pending message, they accept you become friends.

The point is: I have played against another person. I didn’t invite him as a friend. Then Faeria is showing me in my Friendlist that the other person want to be my friend. If i answer the call with “yes” Faeria is showing me, that the other person has to accept my invite.
May be it is the german translation which is misleading me :slight_smile:

Another question: Recently i got the quest “view a friends game, which he is winning”. I can’t disable the quest like the others. That is really annoying, because i don’t want to farm friends only to solve the quest :slight_smile:

If anybody could help me with that, that would be awesome.

To devs: Please allow us to disable the quest like the others.

The friends list Always shows you the last person you played against. It says “recently played” under their name. If you click on that, it gives you a button which says “accept friend suggestion”. Clicking on that button sends them a friend request, but just like on Skype, they need to accept the request first!

If you look closely at the people in your friends list, some of them might have the words “friend requested” under their name. This means that person already sent you a friend request themselves, and clicking on the name lets you decline or accept it. If you accept, the person will be added to your friends list permanently (unless you decide to delete them :slight_smile: ). This will let you see their avatar and xp level

Clicking on a friend’s name in the list will give you options to send them a message or spectate them play. The English version of the quest says “Spectate a friend winning a ladder game”, meaning “Watch a friend play a Ranked game and win it”

I’m not very good at winning, but I’ll send you a friend request, just in case!

Hey nettlesoup thx for the quick answer and the invite. The Problem is the translation into german. The game is asking you in german, if you like to accept a request, not that you are the one which is sending the request at first.

Man playing nearly 20 years of online games and still getting confused by a little translation error XD

That’s why I always play this game in English and never in Russian - a YouTube reviewer told in his video that the Russian translation is awful too! :slight_smile: There may be some hope for the French one - Abrakam are based in Belgium :slight_smile:

This could be one of the reasons why Luu90 (who is Austrian) also always plays in English. I’m sure you’ve seen his Youtube videos or Twitch livestreams.

Yes, i have seen the monthly cup in march. Very good player :slight_smile:

You are wrong. Recently in discord ru chat we did a lot of work on Russian translation. If all amendments are accepted, the Russian translation may be better than English lol.
For example Look for Crackthorn Beast: “Give +4/+4 randomly split among allies”. This phrase can be understood as one ally receives 4 attack and other ally receives 4 life.
In fact, the card mechanics are as follows: “Give +1/+1 randomly split among allies four times”

The video where the reviewer complained about the poor quality of Russian translation is about 7 months old, meaning it came out 5 months before official release. My information isn’t wrong - it’s just outdated!

And I’ve never visited Discord.ru - I live in the UK, and my laptop doesn’t have Cyrillic letters on the keyboard :slight_smile:
Let’'s face it - nobody visits Discord if all they can do is Read stuff,