Website issue trying to get the Adventure Pouch

Every time I try to pre-order the Adventure pouch using mozilla firefox, I get the prompt to login with my account, but then I get a page with the number 500 on it, and being told I shouldn’t be there. How do I purchase the bloddy thing?


Same problem. Tried with both Chrome and IE.

Got the same issue, contacted support about it yesterday, no answer yet.

Same problem the page shows both options of pouches. But I click on them and nothing happens! I play through steam so not sure if I have to wait for it go through the steam page or something…

Normally, you should choose one of the two options of pouches, then confirm at the bottom of the page with a button (“go to checkout” or something like that). The button is in a white frame.

Yes, I do that… then it prompts me to login, I do that… and I get a page with a big 500 on it. Is it because I have the steam version of the game? How come I can’t just pre-order using steam?

Same problem I am still dealing for few days. Submitted a ticket and no response for 2 days.

There has been some issues with the homepage lately, but it should be sorted out soon!

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How soon? I really want to pre-order!

W00t! For everyone having issues, it appears to be working now. I was able to successfully pre-order.