Weeping Idol Turbocharge

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Quick Note: Iona’s Mirror is in place of The Emperor’s Command until they add it into the hub

What would you do with an extra 10 faeria per turn?

The main strategy of this deck is to place 1-2 Forbidden Libraries on the board with as many Weeping Idols as possible. Ideally, these will be placed near your orb to keep them out of enemy hands.

This combo serves a multitude of purposes. Firstly, and most obviously, it generates a *lot* of faeria. Secondly, it draws through your deck very quickly, to the point that it can be dangerous if you're not careful. Thirdly, it deals damage to you every turn. We'll get to why that's a good thing in a bit.

Priority mulligans are elementals. If you have any elemental, keep Forbidden Library. If you have an elemental and Forbidden Library, keep Weeping Idol.

Land placement is as a midrange deck, with the exception that you'll need to place some extra lands by your orb to house the Library and Idols.

Win conditions are Radiance and Wild Avenger + Gabrian Enchantress, with help from Apex Predator. Because you're taking a small amount of damage every turn, your Wild Avengers can get *huge*. Don't waste them at the beginning of the game!

You'll primarily use The Emperor's Command for healing and sustaining the combo, but it also serves another crucial purpose: it can destroy your Forbidden Libraries if you're running out of cards, which you probably will. If you find that you prefer to use them for the latter purpose, or just debuffing enemy creatures, I'd suggest taking out a Water Elemental and adding another Tiki Healer, since you'll need more healing.

This deck is very strong against mono red, somewhat strong against midrange decks in general and somewhat weak against rush.

This is my favorite deck I've ever made. It's just so satisfying to play out, in good games it can feel like you have infinite faeria. If you take the time to get used to the combo, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it, too.


This is an entry into the Metashaker contest. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements!

Land type(s): Neutral, Forest, Lake, Pandora
Faeria cost: 4.1
Difficulty: Advanced

3x FROGIFY (4f 3L)
1x TIKI HEALER (5f 2F)

Any reason not to run Time of Legends ?

The deck idea is really fun. But I think it was done better elsewhere.

My first impression of this deck is that it seems like a less consistent Blue Zenith, which is what I’ve been having tons of fun with and laddering with. Probably the only reason I’m still playing this game, the deck is very competitive but also gimmicky and fun.

When playing and comparing this list to that one, a few issues arise. This deck has really slooooow starts that not many draws help with. There’s no Sturdy Shell Gabrian Enchantment combos to beat off early aggression. There’s no Spring Mochi to give you a gatherer now, but make your spells easier to cast down the line, there’s no reliable way to deal with problem creatures outside of turning them into a frog and hoping they don’t beat down your structures.

Any time I didn’t have forgotten library and water elemental in my hand, this deck just crawled. It is helped by having taunt creatures to help stop some problem creatures. I added a Tethra Soul of the Wild to buff creatures and have more targets for Apex Predator so he’s dead in my hand less often.

Now the cool part of both these decks, which is a main feature of both decks, is it’s ability to win out of nowhere. Now I’m not sure if you intended this, but in my opinion, you have to threaten to win if they don’t do something about your win condition that turn. It gives you more chances to actually succeed, because if they didn’t have the faeria to cast their removal or taunt or haste creature that turn, they can’t save and get it before they die. They’re just dead. In this deck, that’s a little harder. You see, getting to 20 with Wild Avenger is hard. You’ve had to had taken huge amounts of beat downs from librarys or enemy creatures for many turns and lived. It takes forever to get there, and because of that, it can’t come out and do it’s job early.

Unlike Dream Reaver, which sets them to 10, dashes into a hard spot, and you can cast a Gabrian Enchantment on and threaten “If you don’t kill this right now, you lose.” as long as you have the means to cast it, and if they’re not careful, can be as early as turn 6-8 if they thought you were just going to turtle.

Lastly, there’s just a lot of cards I don’t see getting much use here. Aurora, Myth Maker was worthless a lot of time, as there’s way less targets. Emperor’s command mostly being used to heal you just makes it a worse healing song. You say it’s for stopping your libraries from killing you in runaway games, but honestly that just helps highlight the issue of the deck. It’s just too slow, and if you don’t get your ‘combo’ early enough with no pressure, you’re just not going to win.

Cheers and good luck though! Search up and give Blue Zenith a try, it’s fantastic and if you like this, it’s right up your ally.

Thanks for such an in-depth review! I think you’re absolutely right about this deck being slow when the combo isn’t pulled off, and it is heavily combo reliant, and I’ve altered the decklist a little to speed it up – I’ll reflect these changes on the hub soon :slight_smile:

I’ll have to give Blue Zenith a try, too! Thanks for the recommendation!

I doubt this deck is viable for climbing the ladder, but as an entry to the metashaker contest, i can only tip my hat to you, sir.

This deck just got me to God Rank! I’m 100% sure there are more efficient decks to do it (looking at you, Blue Jump) but somehow the stars aligned for me. Had to share; hope you guys enjoy the deck!

I love this deck, thanks so much for sharing this! Drawing a billion and playing cards is definitely the best, especially when the late game is sooo huge. It’s not much, but this easily got me to rank 8 - completely shitting on burn decks.

I do see where it really stumbles against aggro often though, and will be giving blue zenith a shot (I’m expecting a bit weaker late game in return for a sturdier early game).