Well, i no longer enjoy the game

dont have an answer to an early library? might as well surrender
managed to take the board against yellow? incoming doomsday
holding off against red? pray he doesn’t draw hellfires

and lets not forget those lovely blue OTKs…

i really loved the game back when i first started to play (quite a few months ago, found out about it through the first video kripparian did) the focus on creature combat and board control was pretty much all i wanted in a card game… at the time i didn’t have enough money to buy the full collection, so i held off for a while.

came back quite recently and dove back into the game… running into Y-rush every now and then was incredibly frustrating, but it was just one deck… when blue shenanigans got nerfed, i finally started to really enjoy the game.

and then these new cards came up… played a few matches yesterday and a few today, all of them came down to the situations mentioned above.

either being overwhelmed by an early library, crushed by hellfire, or screwed over by doomsday (try playing around it when you also have to play around wind soldiers, khalim, dune drakes and crusaders [with flash wind shenanigans])

i’ll be paying attention to any updates, see how the devs respond to what’s happening… but i no longer intend to play until the meta settles far away from the decks i’m currently facing.
if the game releases in a similar state to what it currently is, i’ll just forget it exists and move on. games are a hobbie, after all. and i’ve been through enough frustration in other games to know it’s better to just move onto something else.

supporting early access games is always a gamble, and so far this is the only game i’ve ever backed other than grim dawn… for the first time i’m starting to regret it; alas, i can only hope…
i understand that the team sees more financial benefit down this path, and i wish the best of luck to you guys, but i just don’t enjoy this type of game.


Yeah I started with the slightly slower gameplay of green and red, I feel you. Some of the numbers just need to be lowered in terms of swingyness. Although I do like colors getting to fill in their own weaknesses.
But slam is absurd, and that’s coming from someone using it more than seeing it.

One natural solution would be to remove the 20 cap on orb health and continue adding/improving the efficiency of life gain.

Hello there,

I feel your frustration, but I believe the devs will balance things to settle the game. They tried to innovate the game with more mechanics and some new cards, and in my opinion also, they stretched the RNG and the extremely high-value cards too far. However I also think that the game will improve further. By the way I think Doomsday, Hellfire and Library are nothing compared to Dream Reaver, that card should be nerfed heavily or be made into a Legendary.

For high ranked players this whining might seem to be just whining, but for us lower ranked players this meta right now is like playing Black Jack, whoever draws his/her OP cards earlier wins the game by insane snowballing. At least I experience this on rank 10-5 constantly.


Also taking a break from the game. They just made things way too frenzied. I was getting annoyed with yellow rush too. Now basically everything seems rushy.

The only new mechanic I like is dash. And one of my favourite cards is now gone, my beloved ruunin’s shrine T_T. I liked slower deliberate play, now things swing and take over way too quickly. Oh well, I think that’s probably gonna be it for me.


Is actually harder now than before the update… with the buff for healing song, and wishes being as powerful as ever, i just los yesterdey to a wishes deck playing double library and a Gnat on the board while i was playing BURN…

He was taking four damage each turn, and two more when i killed the Gnat… without counting the bloodslingers an combat effects in the process… it was way to frustating, but i’m not leaving the game just yet =P