What about Faeria do you enjoy the most?

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Lets take a moment and talk about whats fun!

I very much enjoy trying to make weird (bad) things work and deckbuilding and reading the meta plays a big role in that. I also very much enjoy when I can make surprising turns and catch my opponent off-guard (land movements, banquets, Ursus otk, Blue Nightmare otk, destroy-all-lands-combo etc).

I also really like to just play with my friends :slight_smile:

What do you enjoy most about Faeria?


I actually stopped playing the game, as I don’t like the way it’s heading. I really like the overall concept of the game, but I heavily dislike the gameplay they made out of it (being too random and way to swingy).

What you describe is what I did for 15 years at Magic tournaments, so yeah that’s what I love to do, too, but that’s possible in every game like this, not just Faeria.


I started playing not too long ago, so I’m still a filthy n00b, but I’ve played almost every ccg out there: Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Duelyst, MtG, some Hex and even Spellweaver.
Faeria is a mix between Duelyst’s positioning (which became irrelavent in recent patches, because now it’s just aggro vs more aggro and control is non-existant, but that’s not the point) and Mtg/Shadowverse combos, let’s add some amazing art and the best mana system I’ve seen in ccg and fundamental mechanics that favor control playstyle (dealing a hell ton of damage to face from first turn, every turn and ignoring the board is waaaaay harder than in every other ccg).
Also, I’ve not seen a rng to be a problem, but I didn’t play much.
So yeah, almost a perfect game to me, but I tend to say that about every single game I start playing.
The only downside is that Fearia is rather small and not many people are playing it (even compared to Duelyst).

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I enjoy most the territory and positioning wars that happen in Faeria! There’s a fun back and forth as you try to bait your opponent out of position and control their land placement. It makes every turn feel engaging, whereas in Hearthstone most turns are completely mindless.

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I like the entire game. The spatial concept and having to look several moves ahead to formulate a winning plan for yourself. I like that the RNG is a lot less than in other games. I’m a competitive chess player and this game really appeals to my liking towards strategic planning and out thinking your opponent.

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I like a lot of things about the game; the art direction, the single player experience, the multiplayer community, the more than generous business model, the willingness to accept mistakes and make big revisions to the game, but I think my favourite thing is the power of momentum in Faeria, relative to other TCGs and TCG/board games.

The resource system is really simple and easy to understand, but so much better at encouraging proactive, positional play than other systems are. I like that negative/control decks are less effective than creature-based decks, thanks to the practical necessity of gathering and the fact that removal isn’t ridiculously under-costed, as it is in a lot of TCGs.

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Not sure, may be the strategic possibilities and decision making from all the special effects and movement abilities. I like the living board too but land placement not as interesting for me.

And getting free loots and collecting the cards keeps me coming back too.

I read that there used to be day/night cycle in faeria gameplay. Why did they remove it? Sounds like a great idea, would have been fun to play…


It changed quite a lot over the years I guess

But I totally agree I would love to have a day/night cycle or even different seasons

I like about faeria that it’s kinda mixture between chess and hearthstone. Strategy combined with a CCG is a great idea.
Also I like the art style and the lore that is told through the cards. Apparently there is a Kingdom with a King a Queen and also different Rebels. And then there are the Tikis and so and so on.
I really like that it’s not just random creatures.


This might sound simple, but I just like playing. Coming up with decks that have good synergy (which allow you to plan ahead), and then creating the board together with my opponent. That’s what I like. :smile:

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