What are Eggs?

You can still watch the recording, just that you won’t get rewards now, that’s all.

luuu shared this matches here:

5 часов смотрел а бонусы так и не на капало

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you guys a follow-up on what we’ve fixed since last Saturday’s Monthly Cup regarding the free stream reward issues that some users experienced.

  • We’ve sorted all outstanding issues where players weren’t correctly sent an egg.
  • If you had an issue, you will have received an Egg in-game today.
  • We’ve identified the underlying cause for the problems and it won’t happen in the future.

We’ve sent everyone who was affected an email this morning explaining all of this. In addition, to ensure everyone had a chance to hatch their eggs in time, we will be activating a special hatching event this coming Thursday, where your current Egg will be hatching. Sorry for any trouble!

Also, we’ll be increasing the expiration date of existing Egg coupons from last year some time this week before that hatching event.

Thanks for reading!

The next engage in activities, please support the live broadcast of China’s Web site, we here to participate in the activities of the network a bit difficult, thank you


It’s worth noting that the chat on the right side or Twitch has to be open or else the egg timer doesn’t increase.