What are Eggs?

How can I get an Egg?

Each Monthly Cup we give away free prizes to anyone watching any of the approved streams. Among those prizes are the precious Eggs.

Additionally, from time to time we will distribute Eggs as special prizes. Keep an eye out for these events by watching our news posts and social media channels.


Full Instructions on how to be eligible to receive a prize:

  • Step 1: Have a Faeria account

    • This means you have to have installed Faeria and validated your Faeria account with an email address. When you complete the Prologue missions in Faeria, you are prompted to validate your account via email. If you choose not to, the next time you log in you will be asked to validate. If you forget your password, you can recover it here.
  • Link your Twitch account to your Faeria account

  • Link your Twitch account to Faeria by going here

This is done directly on your account profile on The Hub. This allows rewards to be sent directly to you in-game!

  • Watch an approved stream to increase your Egg Timer

  • Note that you need only appear in the viewer list to be eligible for a prize. You do not need to chat or send any special message to receive a prize.

  • Profit

Rewards arrive to you in-game, automatically! Should you already have an Egg avatar and win another, an email will be sent to you with a coupon you can redeem later.

Egg Timers:

Every single minute you are watching one of the approved Egg streams, your Egg Timer will increase. The higher your Egg Timer, the more chances to win more valuable prizes. Every 30 minutes, prizes are distributed to a select amount of active viewers based on the value of Egg Timers. If you are selected as a winner, prizes will be sent to the email address linked to your Faeria account. Due to popular demand, we have added a guaranteed prize to those who have watched over a certain amount of time, to smooth over that rotten empty Egg feeling. The rest of the prizes are given at random.

For Monthly Cups, the prizes are distributed as follows:

Eggbot Prizes

Note: The Dragon Orb is the rarest of the prizes. You have to be pretty lucky to get one!

Other events will have different reward distributions. Please keep an eye out for special events on our blog or social media for more information.

You may only win one of each prize throughout the course of the entire stream. There is no way to check your Egg timer, but know that if you followed the instructions above, your timer is certainly given credit.

Hatching your Eggs

Eggs generally hatch during weekends of the Monthly Cup. They will tend to do this on their own, but logging into Faeria can make it happen more quickly.

How do I hatch my Egg?

If you own an Egg, you need only check back from time to time in-game to see if it has hatched. If you are connected to Faeria you have a slightly higher chance for your Egg to hatch. If you have been lucky enough to have another Egg coupon laying around, you may even be able to hatch more than one during the hatching period. Note, however, that chances to hatch any Eggs past the first one become much smaller during the same hatching period, and you cannot hatch more than three at this time.


If your Egg is ready to hatch, you will see this button appear on the main menu. Click it to initiate the hatching process. We recommend you stay at a safe distance until it is complete. Eggs will usually hatch before the hatching period is over - so if you want to save your Egg, wait to apply the coupon until after the hatching period.

How many Eggs can I hatch?

At this point in time, you can only ever have hatched three Eggs in total. If you apply an Egg coupon to your account and have already hatched three Eggs, you cannot hatch another yet. We applaud your Egg hoarding abilities, but in the future we plan on adding many more possible hatchlings. You can hang on to your Eggs until that time comes.

Why is Egg always capitalized?


Egg is not capitalized in the second to last sentence of the “how do i hatch my Egg?” section.

Got 'em

When and where do we have to look: I don’t use twitch much and when I search for faeria it doesn’t stop loading.

So these prizes will be available for every Monthly Cup? Hope so.

Nice if we can get a reminder when the stream is about to start.

You need to link your twitch and steam account, or may be your faeria account too.


"Egg is not capitalized in the second to last sentence of the “how do i hatch my Egg?” section.

Got 'em"

You saw nothing.

This is so unclear. Not to mention I got audio from twitch on this page but no video, wtf?

the audio is coming from the comment above by @xploring

A bit late to the thread, but I have a question. I have searched the forums and in reddit, but I can not seem to find an answer. On the playfaeria website it says that to increase the egg time I can also watch approved twitch streamers such as LotherHS. Can i watch those anytime they are online?

the hub says that i got my egg but nothing appears in game pls help me

I think it takes some time until you will get it. I think you just have to wait a little longer :slight_smile:

My egg timer is 517 minutes i did got 1000 gold and pandora coin but no Mythic chest and no EGG …fix it dammit!

egg timer is 517min no egg no mythic chest

profile tells me that i got an egg, but ingame there is nothing. =) when does it appear?

Where can I see my eggtimer?

Click on your username in the hub


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Abrakam should hire you :smiley:
You know everything about this Game :smiley:

I am new to Faeria. Does anyone know much about the Egg event in Faeria?

Do you need to watch online to keep the egg hatching?

I am living in Melbourne, what time will the tournament start normally?

Does the egg automatically appear in the game after to start watching or do you need to type in a code?

Thanks for your answers.

You have just missed it, sorry. The next one is 4 weeks away. It started at 12am in Melbourne last night, I live in Melbourne too. :smiley: Add me if you like, same timezone makes things easier. I am a newbie too since last month.

Yeah, you need to watch for 4 hours to get the egg. Follow FaeriaTV on twitch and they will send you an email when the stream starts, it runs for more than 9 hours today, so plenty of time to tune in. Just wait and the egg will appear eventually, I think.

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Thanks a lot mate.

Wow, it’s really hard to watch online at those time when you are travelling.

I think they should allow offline viewing within a few days of the event for the egg.

By the way, I am not sure whether you know about this, but I wish to share a promo code I used when I first started. You will get 3-4 chest I think.


Thanks your your help :slight_smile: