What are in mythic chests?

Description says “4 mythic items”, but a new player would have no clue what that entails. I heard they are cosmetic items. Can i earn orbs, avatars, and wells in it?

Yes, everything you said + mythic cards.

oh wow ok thats awesome then

I have been wondering about the emotes myself. I have unlocked a bunch of everything else, but not one emote for special avatars. You can also earn card backs and the 4x mythic cards are what is guaranteed per pack.

@Hezeus Emotes is the only “cosmetic” item that doesn’t appear in mythic chests. They are only attained when buying avatar sets in the shop.

^ wait thats really lame then. so even if i buy an avatar separately in shop, i can only get the emotes by REBUYING the avatar and the emotes through a set. I think if the avatars can be bought separately, the emotes should be able to be bought separately.

EDIT: Just had a match where my opponent repeated his greeting twice, and i couldn’t respond in turn because I didn’t have emotes. haha You’ll have to buy your sportsmanship here at Faeria.

It really wouldn’t make sense for it to be that way. If it was that would be terrible and I doubt it would have good results for them. The only way that works is if everything you have is discounted from the price you would have to pay. As far as I have seen that isn’t the case either so not sure.

im not exactly sure what you’re trying to say. but here’s what I think is the fairest method: the set would have the discount. and if you buy the items separately (the avatar, the emotes, the orb), they would cost more than if you just bought the set. But there is no point to buying the avatar alone if you have to rebuy it through the set to access the emotes.

the emotes should be sold separately on the market as well, through the deal of the week. its been awhile since ive played faeria, but the shop they had before contained all the avatars and orbs for sale. now i feel like im being nickle and dimed lol