What colors are people running in their decks?

  1. What is your favorite color/colors deck?
  2. what is your favorite card?
  3. What is your preferred deck archetype ( Rush, Control, Tempo, etc)
  4. Are you enjoying the game?
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So far I’m running mid range control with mostly green, mixing in red or blue. I haven’t grown too fond of yellow yet.


1 ) I really like blue
2 ) Ninja Toad is my guy ! I really like the frog theme in general.
3 ) Across all card games it’s Midrange > rush.
4 ) Yup, it’s really really fun.

  1. Green!
  2. Ancient Beastmaster is the best, Choking Sand is the worst!
  3. Happy to play anything but control.
  4. Yup!
  1. Blue and Yellow, but not so much the combination of the two.
  2. Shifting tides or Oradrim Fanatic
  3. Control or OTK
  4. Yes! :slight_smile:
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  1. Blue, definitely
  2. gabrian commander, slightly less three wishes and kobold warmaster
  3. control, maybe mid, and a bit OTK
  4. Seems so. Why even bother asking ?
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  1. Green is in nearly all of my decks, so mechanically I must like it. My best deck is a mono-green deck.
  2. I really like Oakling and Syland Horsemaster, for very different reasons. I also really like Ruunin, the Relentless, but I have yet to find a reliable use for her.
  3. I love combo decks, but I am not too good at them. The decks I am most proficient with are Tempo and Mid-Range.
  4. I love this game, and cannot play enough of it.
  1. What is your favorite color/colors deck?

Green. I am coming around to Yellow after winning 3-0 in practice pandora. I like the jumping frogs in blue but yet to learn how to play them.

  1. what is your favorite card?

Don’t really know. All my decks at the moment consist of 30 different cards, still learning what their differences are. Frogify? Which I actually don’t have, but was amazed when it was used against me. The teleport green card is really good too. Zealous Crusader’s buffs sound really powerful. I used Hold the Line the most, must have for defence in almost every deck except green.

  1. What is your preferred deck archetype ( Rush, Control, Tempo, etc)

I don’t know what control and tempo mean. :disappointed_relieved: If someone can explain, that would be much appreciated. I am good at putting up defence but it’s not very enjoyable and feels a bit of a grind.

  1. Are you enjoying the game?

Yes! Very much. So much to read and learn though, kind of afraid of wasting my pandora coins.

Control often defend while drawing for a big win condition (more combo-ish) or grinding his/her opponent out of resources (less combo-ish).

Midrange is an archetype balanced between Aggro and Control. It can do both but isn’t better than its counterparts.

Tempo is, at is core, the flow of the game. The player who’s got Tempo is the one dictating the game while his/her opponent is reacting to his play.
By extension, a Tempo deck is a deck who heavily depends on getting the upper hand and keeping it. Once it lost it he will probably never recover.

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Thanks @MrMint ! Is Aggro same as Rush? I know what Rush is, Aggro sounds like trying to annoy or invite the attack, or it could be going on the offensive, not sure.

Just lost a red game, it was terrible, no units to defend, couldn’t draw my removal and a buffed up grizzly mowed me down. :disappointed: Oh well, try again tomorrow.

  1. Red
  2. Seifer’s Wrath
  3. Burn
  4. Yes, very much

For Faeria purpose yeah, aggro is rush.
The aggro archetype is a early aggression driven meant to win quick or loose in mid/late game. :slight_smile:

@MrMint hat would your answers be to 1-4? Would love to hear it

He answered already. It’s the second one or something.

Thanks for the explanations, MrMint!

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