What do we think about helping friends when playing ranked?


it seems everyone agrees it is unfair but since we can not guarantee that people are not doing it anyway even with rules in place, we shouldnt even attempt to ensure the integrity of ranked ladder.


From my experience, friends suggesting the best moves while spectating is not what makes the biggest difference. Once you are past rank 10, possibly even 15, your opponents are experienced players with good decks, who often come up with moves you cannot foresee. So friendly help only increases the winrate by about 20-30%

Take a look at the winrate of the top players on the e-sports page of The Hub. It’s between 60 and 70%. Any deck has a weakness, and if your opponent exploits it you are toast.

What Does make a Huge difference is friends advising you how to improve your deck, as well as copying decks from the best players. But forbidding this would kill any CCG instantly.

Today is 5 march 2018, and the ladder ranking list is broken - it only shows the number 1 player for some reason. But his winrate is 57%, hardly worth this “storm in a teacup”


so getting an advantage (and i am ignoring your made up numbers) with the help of a second player doesnt matter because it is only a small advantage is your argument?

also the ranked ladder list is not broken :wink: the ladder season ended today and got reset so there are no god ranked players yet. the one you see is a bug and 57%winrate is high

i assume you are no regular god rank player, so if a a top player (with winrate between 60-70%) would spectate your games and tell you the best lines and you reach godrank and with his help you get top10 (which you couldn reach on your own) would that be alright?

also i dont see a storm nor a teacup, it is about the integrity of the (god) ranked system and if everyone is ok with it being unfair and staying unfair because it is impossible to prevent abuse to 100% then so be it. i created this topic to check with other players what they think about it, thats all.


If you are group-playing for learning and fun = good.
If you are group-playing for gaining a competitive advantage = bad.


This is precisely my argument! Thanks for explaining about the ladder. The numbers are not made up - they are a comparison my multiplayer Pandora results with and without a friend spectating and offering advice on Discord voice chat.

Your arguments would have been correct if Faeria was like chess - 100% skill based. But there is an element of luck involved as well, especially with the new swallow mechanic. Another difference is that in chess you can see all the pieces your opponent has, allowing you to plan many moves in advance. If a mod that allowed you to see the exact make-up of your opponent’s deck existed in Faeria it would have been illegal.


The part I don’t get is why would a better player help you get into god rank. Wouldn’t said player be aiding the competition? Shouldn’t a god rank player that’s above my own god rank level be spending most of his faeria time just… playing faeria to gain points himself?

This is the part I don’t get about the fear of a corrupt god rank level. Keep in mind I’m no god level player (and damn… did I get close last season)


The reason is they want more good players to play the game, and they are friends. They are at the level where getting to god rank is merely a formality and they are confident that they are tough to beat even against the best players. The prize money is not so great so most top players play the game because they love it and value good games above eliminating competition.


That seems like a good reason to let people help each other