What do you guys think about purchasable Memoria(Crafting dust)

As the tittle says, what do you think about a purchasable memoria a.k.a crafting dust … For example 100 gold for 100 dust. Would it be a good change or would it break the game, because you could get cards more easier this way without relying on the booster packs and disenchanting cards to get 1 card you really wanna get.

A pack is on average 25 memoria if you decraft everything, I believe. A pack costs 100.
Based on this, you could say the “price” of memoria is around 25 for 100g (not sure of my numbers, but you get the idea).

However, such an option is an indicator of a P2W (get any card if you pay). Well, in a way, it was more or less the case already with Full Collection when it was available. Understand me well : Faeria is definitely not a P2W, and wasn’t even when Full Collection was available (well, maybe a bit, but grinding is fast and easy enough to get quickly the strongest cards). But as long as it is perceived as a P2W, it’s bad advertising. And I believe the option to buy memoria (for gold, but if you can buy gold with $$, then you can buy memoria for $$) will brand Faeria as a P2W to the new players.

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I haven’t done the math in a while. I’d expect the average pack value to have gone up a bit now that mythics are in packs.

25 memoria on pack average seems correct (mine would be 23.75/per pack on average, but without counting the mythics. Might’ve been a bit unlucky and got too many commons though).

Price should be higher than 100g for 25 memoria though, because 25 memoria is the disenchant value. It’d be pointless to buy memoria for the average disenchant value, as you could just buy battle chests instead then and get some new (usable) cards within some chests - which, by the way, still happens quite often with the new reroll mechanic, even though I’m just missing 45 of 257 different cards total right now, none of them commons. Those cards would (memoria wise) count for their crafting value which would be much higher.

Anyways, I agree with @Foxclear that purchasable memoria can get the wrong taste of a P2W, even if that feeling would be wrong. So I’m rather against this.