What happens when you run out of spaces to summon sky yaks?

I’m looking through the new cards and it occurs to me that before the new release you guys might want to consider this possibility.
Sky yak can be copied with Aurora’s creation, which means it can feasibly be summoned 6 times in a game:

1 time - you get 1 yak! Hooray!
2 times - you get 1+1 = 2 yaks!
3 times - you get 1+1+2 = 4 yaks!
4 times (after creation) - you get 1+1+2+4 = 8 yaks!
5 times (after creation 2) - you get 1+1+2+4+8 = 16 yaks!
6 times (after creation 3) - you get 1+1+2+4+8+16 = 32 yaks!

there are 31 grid spaces on the faeria board, so you will not be able to fit all those yaks on the board! What happens to that last sad yak? Does it go to yak heaven? Is there a yak heaven? Can the yaks bring their people friends?

Also - just checking - you guys want this to happen, correct? because it will, if the card is released as is. And sure, firestorm will be epic, but so will gift of the rakoa…may want to at least test this sort of thing before release…hint…hint…

Firstly, pretty sure they just won’t appear. Also not sure whether they’ll appear later if they were prevented from appearing earlier due to no room - my guess would be yes.

But I’m guessing it’s just 1,2,3,4,5 not 1,2,4,8,16. IMHO the sanest solution would be that each Sky Yak is either in your deck, hand, board, graveyard - or has been transformed or otherwise lost, and only Sky Yaks in the graveyard are revived - which takes them out of the graveyard, which prevents the exponential growth.

But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Seems reasonable, but that doesn’t map onto the card text at all though. I think the simplest fix is to just make it an event like Flight of the Mantas. That way it can’t be copied by aurora’s creation and is safe from the exponential growth problem unless they come up with an event copying/reviving card. Alternatively, it could just have a hard cap.

It says “summon each friendly sky yak that died this game”, not “summon a sky yak for each one that died this game”. On the reveal Atmaz or whoever said “Knock one of these pesky beasts out of the air, and you’ll often find they somehow keep finding their way back to you.” It seems to imply that the dead ones come back, as opposed to creating a new one, xaxazak is probably right (but it’s not that clear, like you pointed out).

You’ll find that the card actually does say “summon a sky yak for each that died this game”. The text has been changed since the original reveal, and you can find it at https://www.faeria.com/news/announcements/174-treasures-of-the-oversky

all the yaks that were resummoned would be seperate entities, as seen by the interaction between annoying gnat and soul eater. It’s going to double every time you summon a yak. If it didnt, there would literally be no point in the card at all.

Thanks, that was quite a hilarious way for me to be wrong.

Cant wait to make a Ulanis Medallion Sky Yak deck! :slight_smile: