What i think could be balanced

Hi, Here there are, some of my thoughts about what could be balanced.
Before people start flaming me, this is only what i think, and u all are free to answer posting your own opinion.

  1. falcon dive: 1 faeria ; deal 1 damage
    i think that falcon dive, is not bad, but is not even the strongest removal of the game, it see space in green or blue, only because they don’t have any other damage-based removal. Whit this change, falcon dive can give you lethal if you are 1 off and it can also target structure, in the way u can maybe double falcon dive an early library.

  2. outland ranger: 2/2 3 faeria ; add a campfire to your hand it cost’s 0
    I’m not really sure about that, but what i think is that people want to play the outland ranger mostly for the campfire, so if u put a ranger down to 2/2 mid reds don’t get the shedim pest or the firebringer buff or even for hate seed discount.
    And this might favor yellow control/event’s giving more utility in the campfire.

  3. Feral kodama: 7/7 6 faeria 3 forests ; slam
    I think that slam+mobility is really insane, so in order to make it fair removing the jump, and reducing is forests cost from 4 to 3 , is pretty ok , that doesn’t ruin the card because 6F 7/7 slam, is already pretty good, i just think that jump is too much.

  4. Forbidden library : 2hp 2 lakes 2 faeria ; Production : gain 2 faeria and deal 2 damage to yourself.
    Early and uncontested library is too much to play against, in this way library gives u only faeria
    speeding up your plays, but letting u at least without card advantage.
    4.1) Forbidden library (again) : 6hp 2lakes 2 faeria ; Production: draw a card , gain 2 faeria, and deal 2 damage to yourself and to this structure
    This is another idea about library, in this way, u got a limited speed up for 3 turns only.

  5. Hellfire: 8 faeria 3 mountains ; Deal 9 damage randomly split among enemy’s creatures and structures.
    I think that hellfire was designed for control decks and for control plays, so dealing damage to the face is not that helpful, in this way, hellfire become a pure board clear AOE spell.
    Putting from 2 to 3 mountains, is just to skip too early board clear.

I’m looking forward for your ideas. :blush:

Falcondive is a very good card already.it might not be the best removal but it has almost no requirements.no lands and 1f is so easy to have.falcon dive doesnt need this extra mobility.outland ranger : make it 3f then,because the campfire is free then.but i wouldnt like that,because sometimes you play cards not only for the effect,but rather for the body .no one played groundshaker if it hadnt this good body.feral kodam .i would nerf him to 6/6 and 5 forests or to 7f and 5 forests.if it would lose jump it wouldnt be special.thats why i think it is a bad idea to remove one of the combo keywords to nerf a card.forbidden library .i totally agree with you .the card draw has to be denied.i also like to second idea ,because then you wouldnt have to rush to the library.hellfire:maybe make it a choose of the old effect and your effect.sometimes you want it to go face sometimes not

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I didn’t think about Outland Ranger benefiting red more than other colors when it’s supposed to be neutral. Good call.

Something definitely has to change about Forbidden Library. I don’t know if it would be worth it to play if it only gives +2f. I like the three turn limit, max of +3 cards and +6f. But having 6 life makes it pretty immune to removal.

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Yeah my fault, i meant 3 faeria outland ranger, i’m gonna edit

I think Kodama needs to go in a different direction to the one you suggested, an immobile 6 F 7/7 is too similar to Verduan Force. Otherwise some interesting suggestions.

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so you would like hellfire to be nerfed beyond playable spell? like firestorm is allready better if theres 3 creatures to hit (9dmg for 6F)

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i Didn’t mean to nerf it, i mean , u can also hit face in the current state , so there is less chance to clear the board, that’s why i wrote that.
Think about idk, your opponent has an arcon an a phantasm on his board, firestorm is not useful there, and hellfire hitting at least 1 time face is not a board clear. If hellfire could have hit only creatures, in situations like this, it would be a pretty good removal card.
and after all firestorm can’t even damage structures