What is the chance for obtaining a prize or egg?

I watched the entire monthly cup broadcast and this icon appeared in my game where an egg is supposed to incubate. Since then the icon disappeared. I am guessing there is a random chance to get a prize if any. What are the odds? I watched the entire tournament hoping to increase my chances to no avail. Is there a max limit where I no longer get an increase in odds or does it not matter because it was really long so I had to stay up super late.

Besides the guaranteed battle chest, yes, it’s a random chance. From what I’ve seen, eggs & gold rewards are quite frequent (got 1 egg from each of the last tournaments as well as some (not all) gold rewards). Wasn’t lucky enough to obtain the dragon orb avatar yet, though.

I don’t know the exact chances, but if you watched at least 4 hours and didn’t get the guaranteed battle chest, there’s either something wrong with your twitch/steam-link or you experienced some other bug. :frowning:

Oh. I do not think I received anything. The only thing I noticed was the incubator when I started my game up. I watched for about 10 hours.

Hi, we’re currently looking into why some players didn’t receive the Battle Chest reward.