What is the difference between Casual and Ranked?

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Faeria has two primary game modes for constructed play, Casual and Ranked. Both modes require you to have a 30 card deck built to challenge other players on the ladder. Clicking on Battle in-game will take you to deck selection. Pick a deck and dive into one of the two modes.

Pick a deck and dive into one of the two modes.

Casual Mode

Casual Mode is a place where you can play the game with no consequences. Winning or losing has no effect on you or your opponent. There is no ranking system attached to casual, it is just a fun mode for you to play the game. This is a good place to experiment with your deck ideas or practice a new deck you’ve recently built.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode is where you can compete with other players through a series of rankings. These rankings take you to the prestigious ‘God Rank’ where the very best Faeria players compete for a spot in the $3000 Faeria Monthly Cup. At the start of every month the ladder is reset and players are rewarded with card backs and other in-game goodies for their ranking. The higher you climb, the better the rewards!

The Ranking System

When you begin your journey in Faeria you start at Rank 25. The ranks go from 25 to 1 and then finally to God Rank. Each rank is measured in stars and when you win enough of these stars you will progress to the next rank. This happens until you hit God Rank, where you battle for points in a separate league. You can view the God Ranking over at esports.faeria.com.

Climbing the Ladder

Each win in Ranked Mode will reward one star. However, there are other ways for you to gain bonus stars to help you climb faster. There are also ‘checkpoints’ while climbing the ladder that stop you from falling below a certain rank once you’ve earned it.

Bonus Stars

There are a few ways to gain additional stars while playing.

  • Every day you will earn one bonus star for your first win of the day.
  • After three wins in a row you will be given a win-streak bonus. For every win on this bonus you gain one additional star. If you lose a match it will end your win-streak bonus but you can acquire it again by winning another three matches.
  • If you defeat an opponent five ranks higher than your own rank, you will gain one additional star for the victory.

As you can see there are many ways for you to get extra stars to help you climb the ladder.

Ranked Checkpoints

Integrated into the ladder system are checkpoints. These checkpoints stop you from dropping ranks once you reach a certain number. These checkpoints are activated every five ranks.

25 > 20 > 15 > 10 > 5 > God

Once you hit a checkpoint you will have no fear of decreasing your rank. This is a great opportunity to test decks in a competitive environment.

Seasonal Rewards

At the start of every month the ladder will reset and players must climb again to achieve God Rank and rewards for the following season.

Players are rewarded with Pandora Coins and Card Backs for their ladder ranking. If you reach God Rank you will get a golden version of the seasonal card back, a way to show others you’re a top Faeria player.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Faeria from trying fun decks in Casual to competing at the highest level in God Rank. Be sure to try out Ranked to get your hands on those seasonal rewards.