What is the Ulani NPC supposed to do/run?

I bought today the new island and i wanted to play with Ulani, because i had already played with the other two NPC and i didnt want to go right away to Discord to find someone else to play.
And this is what Ulani has done for me so far:

(I am playing a BY events. That’s also the deck i used for the first boss, which was an actual pleasure, with all the event generation and stuff. the frog was an 6/8 Oak Father)

Literally nothing. He starts the first few turns just making double lands, which already suprises me, because i thought he was supposed to play a multicolored deck. And then he stars making a couple special lands, but it doesnt matter, because we are already dead and he has played absolutely nothing.
And that is the game i did take a screen shot of. The other game i tried with Ulani was the first boss of the island (the blue guy) and Ulani did basically the same: nothing. He just made a ton of lands, at some point payed Day of the Dragons (going straight to 0 Faeria: so, useless) and then milling a Chocking Sand. Then I conceded.

Is this how Ulani plays (or rather, doesn play) for everyone else or did I just get the worst RNG the NPC can have?

EDIT: ok, nevermind. I just had a game and Ulani remembered he can actually play cards He used a couple of faeries and some removal to avoid imminent death. I was probably just unlucky before… Thanks Ulani.

I think Ulani plays a 3 wishes deck but doesn’t put down anything until she has all the required lands. Either way I wouldn’t play with Ulani because she doesn’t do anything in time to be helpful.

When I first played with Ulani, I ask the same question as you !
In the Oversky mission against Ulani, I think that this one takes 5 faerias per turn ; maybe the devs gave her a deck with 4 colours and cards with a high faeria cost, and consequently very slow.

This happened to me, too. He didn’t do anything, and ended up burning a card because he had too many in hand.