What % of top players bought the full card set?

I want to know how many players that play in the meta game, monthly cups etc did not start with the full set of cards?

My guess in 0, as it seems impossible to compete without it.

I have 200 hours played, still not even close, and keep getting repeats that break down for whopping 1. 0 pantasms, 0 banquets, 0 bomb slingers, 0 ground shakers, 0 flame burst, 0 garudan, 0 aurora myth maker, 0 kahlim sky prodigy, 0 baeru, 0 windborne champions 0 scourgeflame spectres, 0 soul eaters… I can go on but its painful

I have destroyed so many useless cards just to build a usable yellow rush as that is really the only viable option for myself currently. With the new release of 30 more cards, all the players that got the full set for (50 bucks?) have been saving chests and breaking down extra cards so they will instantly be able to get them through crafting etc…

those of us that did not get in on the full set at the beginning, it seems are being pushed farther back.

It really sucks to watch the play faeria videos, and monthly cups knowing that I cannot even build 1 deck that was played in them, and wont be able to for months IF ever… Moreover during those months more cards will be released even further pushing me behind the meta game.

love the game, hate not being able to have a chance to play all of it…

Hey !
Actually, there are many people who played without complete collection, with more or less success. I’m one of them, and, even if I didn’t go to the monthly Cup, I once neared the top Gods, appeared a few times in a not-so-bad place in ESL (once 2nd).

I have a near-complete collection after around 380 hours of game (according to steam, real time should not be so high of course)
But I had a set enabling me to play quite a few competitive decks much earlier, now I’m just filling the missing holes.
If you have played for 200 hours, then you should at least have enough to buy enough packs to buy more than one of the competitive cards.
Of course, it goes faster if you’re lucky to open some of them in packs, but, well, I can hardly believe that you’ve never opened any competitive card, despite opening a lot of chests (it’s not like the game dodges the competitive cards on purpose). That you don’t have 3 of each, OK, but none, really ? Then you gradually fill by buying them with memoria. Or you pay real money to accelerate the process. That’s how a F2P game works, right ?

if you don’t believe me you can see my screen while I go through my cards…

I have gotten to 7 on the ladder, but only with 1 deck, what gets me is all this “play faeria” and deckbuilder stuff is geared to teach people how to play, however its impossible for new people to build those decks. The only ones that can are those that got all the cards at the get go. The videos are great and informative on how to play a deck, but leave everyone with a kid outside the fence looking in feeling, due to the inability to make the decks and then try them out.

I also purchased the 25 chests for 10 at the beginning and a gold fountain to allow me to continue in pandora for longer without running out of gold. (best I have done is 8-3, usually finish at about 4 wins…)

Hello Xenyn,
i play Faeria since some month, and there is my opinion. At start, i don’t buy full collection. Then i reach rank 10 and buy full collection because i don’t have enought time to farm at this period (and pandora didnt exist).
Since, i am Godrank every season.
But i have made a smurf account free-to-play. Just with solo mode and pandora (and now the bonus card leveling), its pretty easy to reach all card you need to be competitiv. I don’t even know a game more generous in card.
I was Godrank with my smurf 3 weeks after starting it, and now with 120h play on it, i have all the card i need and i am each month well placed in the ladder (without full collection, but enought card to make 3 competitiv deck adapted to a pantheon). Another thing, i hate pandora, so i don’t even farm it to have card (just 5 or 6 run not really amazing at the start of the account, i really don’t like it ^^).
My advice for new player to get card:
-Clean solo mode (its near 40 000 gold), if you block on a quest, go in pandora.
-Just save money for 1 pandora coin, spend the rest in chest.
-Don’t craft legendary, they are too expensiv, focus on good epic card to have them in 2 exemplary
-Don’t hesitate to desenchant useless card or mythique card to build what you need if you want be effectiv fast.

Sorry for my bad english, i hope that can help you a little.


Yeah, the guys up here are right, i don’t even have 90 hours registred by steam (and the actual time is realy lower) and have lots of key cards to make good decks, I have a full RY burn, a GY sac with all soul eaters, and working on some blue cards for a mono blues deck (mostly the unbounds and aurora), so i just repeat the great statement, there is no game in de scene as generous as faeria… not even close.

I’m not a ranked tryhard player 'cause i don’t have the time, bur i have lots of fun with my grinded cards… and that’s what the games should be all about, the FUN!

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appreciate the response, think I have just been getting very very bad luck with received cards. I disenchanted a fair amount but still far off from the great stuff.

I honestly just think I have had some crap luck, because I cant build a GY sack or mono blue or mid red by a mile…

just watched Noa smurf a new account, the lucky dude got aurora, baeru and garudan in the 25 deck purchase and solo content… RNG in this game hates me so much

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