What to craft? And remove the minimum title length, it's stupid

First of all, is there already a thread like this? If not, we need one and I propose this as a somewhat official thread about this subject.

Second, I have been playing Faeria for a month or so and have this kind of deck currently:

What should I craft? I have 77 memoria atm, and have been thinking of the following options:
Bone Collector - seems like a nice card, on the other hand slow and hard to grow. How good is it?
3rd Bloomsprite - the two I have have been one of my current win conditions so I think the 3rd one could be really useful.
Grove Guardian - looks like a simple, yet solid card.
Oak Father - 6/8 for 6 mana isn’t bad, and my strategy involves building lots of forests anyways.
Or something else?

If you are going for a sacrifice type of deck (which it looks like) then bone collector and spirit of rebirth are both great cards for that theme. Since you only have 1 sac card (voice of hunger) I would suggest going for the spirit of rebirth first, as it is a lot easier to get value out of.

If you really want to commit to the sac theme, you could consider adding desert. Cards like shaytan assassin, death walker, and shaytan assassin are very powerful. If you want less expensive desert cards to add deathwish ghoul and demon wrangler are fun ones as well.