What to do with REALLY bad starting draws?

Lemme set the scene

I’ve just mulligan away three events in my Mono Green deck and I get an event, a tyrian golem and ruunin as my starting hand. Pretty bad right. The next 5 cards I draw are events. I manage to get ruunin down only to be froggifyed and cleared. Again I manage the get that tyrian golem down but then my opponent has so much faeria he does mirror phantasm on my golem and then aurora’s his triton warrior and i’m screwed.

Is there any thing that you can do to get a creature in that situation or is it just to many events/utility creatures in my deck?

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Generally, you need at least about 10 starting creatures in the deck for it to be consistent. Starting creatures are those with 2 or less land requirement and 6 or less faeria. I learnt that from luuu90’s deck building guide on youtube.

Mono Blue is the worst matchup for mono green, it would have been hard even with good starting hand.


Thanks a bunch :smiley:

If you play enough, you will occasionally / eventually get totally screwed (or blessed) and lose (or win) purely due to RNG. Not just by you getting a terrible shuffle, but by your opponent getting an excellent one.

It’s all about calculating or estimating the odds, playing safe vs risky decks. The better your opponents are, the riskier you want to make your decks. (By risk, I mean one that has a higher chance of getting a bad draw - e.g. lots of events and few creatures).

I mainly like to play risky decks because they’re more fun, though.


Yes but if you suddenly get a bad player as an opponent, having a risky deck can cause you to lose even against these weak players.

I like making decks that aren’t very risky (except maybe a bad matchup or two) but force you to use your brain with every move you make, but I find Swallow to be stifling a lot of creativity. Most of the decks I made just seem to auto-lose to it but otherwise do fine, which is pretty awakward.